Wearing Your Suit on a Boat: The Guide

Its boat season, which means kick off your dress shoes, roll up your cuffs, and set sail. The summer is all about converting your current wardrobe to fit the hot weather. What better place to showcase all of your stylish clothes than on your boat.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a little dingy or a 150 ft. mega-yacht, you’re style will always be impeccable. Here are my 5 tips to adapting your suit for boating season.

Dress for the occasion

As much as I’d love to see you fishing in a suit, it’s probably not the most practical thing to be wearing. Now, if you’re bringing your girl on the boat for the first time, I’d suggest our Tan Suit, but the jacket only. Pair it with some navy blue shorts and a white v-neck for a modern take on the classic sailor color palette. Or reverse it and wear the Navy Suit’s jacket with a white shirt and tan shorts. For fancier events, you can’t go wrong with black. Pair our Black Suit with a black bow tie and dance the night away with you lady.

Ditch the shirt

No, I don’t mean altogether. But ditch the classic button-down shirt. Wear our Light Grey or Tan Suit with a neutral polo for a signature right off the golf-course look. Pair it with some down to earth loafers or Sperry’s.

Getting Away for the Weekend?

If you’re itching for a weekend getaway, but have no time to change. Try rolling the pants of your suit up, ditch your shoes, lose the jacket, and unbutton your shirt halfway down for a modern pirate look. Just don’t try to sink anyone; the Coast Guard might not like that.

Wet - Not a problem

Your suit isn’t afraid of water and neither should you be. It’ll survive some slat spray and maybe a light splash before it needs the dreaded dry cleaner. Just don’t go diving in it.

Let Her Steal It

It gets cold at night and what better use for your jacket than to lend it out. Give your jacket to to her if she’s feeling chilly and watch how she snuggles into you. The rest, well, that's up to you.

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