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  • Band-collared shirts are the future of fashion. The next time you ruin a perfectly good collar shaving, save the shirt by amputating the collar. No matter the occasion, band-collar shirts are up for the task. Here are a few reasons why band-collar shirts are taking our culture by storm. They started as a summer fashion craze, but collar-less shirts are here to stay.

    1. Single Use No More

    Collars are the reason we wash shirts after every use. They look awful when they wrinkle, and you really need to iron them after washing. Band-collar shirts first evolved so you could rotate detachable collars and save yourself the trouble of washing the entire shirt. They caught on among prospectors on the American frontier.

    2. Nail in the Coffin

    Ties are an endangered accessory in men’s clothing. Not so long ago they were so standard, ties were not even considered accessories. Wearing a band-collared shirt announces just how you feel about ties, bowties, ascots, et. cetera. You do not need them. You do not want them. Man has cast away the tyranny of the tie.

    3. Smart, Casual, Chill

    Band-collared shirts make your wardrobe more versatile. The full button-up placket keeps your look formal, but the lack of a collar keeps your look relaxed and helps moisture and heat escape your shirt.

    4. One Shirt Fits All

    If you only own one shirt, it might as well be collarless. Wear it to the picnic, the beach, or the opera. The current trend is to dress down dinner jackets with band-collared shirts.

    Band-collared shirts first came into style in the 1970s, While they have hibernated for a cool half century, the collarless collar look is as fresh as ever. Band-collared shirts are hip on every continent. America has not gone casual so much as changed the definition of formality.

  • After concerning myself with the business models of IKEA and Trader Joe’s, talking about furniture and produce, I will now focus on prescription glasses. This might sound random, but you’re going to see why. Warby Parker is a company that was launched in 2010, selling prescription glasses and sunglasses online. Today, they boast a revenue of $1 billion a year, a large success. Their secrets are vertical integration and an unstoppable drive.

    How did it all start?

    According to their website, four Business School Students started Warby Parker. They had been wondering why prescription glasses were so expensive. One of them actually broke his pair and couldn’t pay for its replacement. Out of this desperation, the four of them started researching as to why glasses are so costly. Their findings showed that one company controlled the market as a mono-pole for prescription glasses. Entering this market was not going to be easy, but their drive came from wanting to provide everyone with affordable glasses. This is where Hundred Dollar Suits thrives from as well. We aim at bypassing markups on our products, without making any compromises regarding their quality.

    Why is Warby Parker successful?

    Warby Parker’s Business Model is again based on vertical integration. Cutting the design and manufacturing middlemen enabled them to greatly reduce the overall cost of manufacturing their glasses. They can pass those savings on to their customers. On top of that, they created a distribution line cutting straight to the consumer through the internet. Hundred Dollar Suits identifies with this concept, we opt for omitting unnecessary production steps on behalf of our customers' benefit. Our warehouses directly deliver to us and we are not dependent on retailers, which would normally mark up the prices by 100 or 200 percent. As an online business, Warby Parker can dodge even more expenses, just like Hundred Dollar Suits.

  • Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers

    “We’ve been to a million weddings and guess what? We rocked ‘em all!” – John Beckwith

    Proper wedding etiquette is key, but proper attire might be more so as Jeremy said, “draw attention to yourself, but do it in a positive way.” So, I’m here to do just that. To help you dress the part when supporting your friends and family at their wedding. Or maybe just to help you get laid like these two jabronis


    Always a suit. No excuses. Unless it’s black tie. Need I say more?


    Classic colors are best for weddings; leave the ostentatious colors to the bridesmaids. Stick to navy, blue, or light grey. Navy blue will look especially sharp with a black tie and a white shirt, for a Hollywood come home look. Blue pairs well with an off color tie, consider gold, yellow, grey, or silver. And light grey is a classic staple of any man’s wardrobe and can be paired with literally any color tie, match your girlfriend’s dress. Or bring a few different ones in the car and try to match to a cute girl’s dress, she’ll notice and you’ll have an easy conversation opener. If the wedding is in summer and it’s going to be hot, consider a linen suit or even seersucker. For linen keep it simple, a nice solid tie and a white or light blue shirt. With seersucker you can get a little more creative and pastels are coming back into style. A wedding is the perfect place to show off that pink seersucker suit you just bought.


    Stick with black and you can really never go wrong. For a daytime wedding or a summer event you can get away with brown, but stick to a nice chocolate or caramel color. Lace-ups or monk strap are always a nice clean look, if you’re feeling bold a nice wingtip is always a welcome addition to a good suit.

    When in doubt, blend in. It’s the bride’s day, not yours. But if you do want to crash, just a little, take my advice.

  • As a businessman, traveling in a suit is a regular thing. But in order to keep your suit as beautiful as it was when you first put in on, you'll need a clever way to pack it in your luggage.

    The Simple Suit Rule

    If your meeting or appointment is on the day of the flight, you wear it, if it’s not, don’t. Pack it into your suitcase instead.

    There is an important exception to this rule, though, if it’s a ready-to-wear suit, it should be worn, since it might not recover until the next day if it spent several hours in a suitcase. So this is something that should be considered when taking your hundred dollar suits traveling. Bespoke ones are more travel-tested in that manner.

    How to Fold a Suit for Traveling

    If you decide to pack several hundred dollar suits, this guide will help you to learn how to fold them neatly, as explained by Jonathan Brill:

    1. The jacket: Pull the sleeves and collar inside out completely. Then fold it in half several times until it fits easily into your luggage.
    2. The pants: Fold them once and then roll them up so that no fabric is wrinkled. Imagine it like rolling a tie.
    3. The dress shirt: This can be done exactly like rolling up the pants.

    When you arrive at your destination, make sure that the first thing you do is hanging your suit immediately.

    So now we’ve found out it’s best to simply wear your suit on a flight. This is also a good idea because it simply looks more professional to travel in a suit. Hundred Dollar Suits are comfortable enough to wear on a plane anyways.

  • Why Suit Color Matters

    The color of your suit is the first thing others will notice about you. So, make sure you pick a color that matches your skin tone and hair, and that makes you feel comfortable. Light grays and tans are classic summer colors, but blues and white are enjoying a strong comeback. Our editors from Hundred Dollar Suits have picked out summer’s suit trends from the collection.

    The Blue Suit

    A blue suit is lighter than the classic navy, that most men prefer. But a blue or even a true blue suit is a color that not a lot of men feature in their wardrobe. What true blue is? An intense, luminous shade of blue that not all men can pull off. But if you can, go for it. This is a great opportunity to step out into the spotlight and be noticed for your fashionable, fresh and versatile suit. If you don’t want to go the extreme way in a true blue, aim for the classic blue suit.

    The Light Gray

    The light gray suit adds a new, fresh tone to your wardrobe. It is distinctively lighter than its other gray peers and comes across as a bit more casual. It's a great way to break up the monotony of classic colors like navy and charcoal.

    The White Suit

    The white suit is perfect for special events like white parties. If you want something more versatile, go with ivory. But be warned: a white suit and even an ivory suit can draw a lot of attention to you.

    The Tan

    The tan suit, like the light gray, is a great color to spice up your wardrobe. It's a classic summer color and isn't as common as light gray, so it’s sure to turn heads when walking down the street or entering the office. It can also help interviewers remember you better as it is unlikely many other applicants are going to wear the same color.

  • Tailor Made 34s Suits For Small Stature

    Normally, men are faced with the struggle of big sizes not always being available. But what about particularly small sizes? This is where the 34s Suits sizing play an important role. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe and Lenny Kravitz come to mind because of their small but well built stature. When dressed in suits fit to their size, they always turn up flawless and fresh in style. You can too when you shop our 34s Suits range.

    Choosing 34s Suits For Everyday Wear

    34s Suits should be your top choice when you’re between the heights of 5’4’’ and 5’6’’ with a small frame. Consider 34s Suits with an Ultra Slim or Slim Fit. These fits were made for you because of the tailoring and design that accentuates lean builds making sure the clothing hangs just right on your body frame. The 34s Suits at Hundred Dollar Suits are made with quality fabric that is not too heavy yet durable which is the perfect choice for daily wear.

    Top 34s Suits Trending Styles

    Explore the fashion forward 34s Suits guide down below to help you get started with the 3 best styles.

    1. The Classic - The Man in Black. There is probably nothing more foolproof than a Black Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit, paired with a crisp and clean white dress shirt. When worn with black or brown dress shoes, subtle accessories and a sleek hairstyle, you are more than good to go.
    2. The Bold - The Trending Summer look is the White or Ivory Suit. The White Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit will definitely turn some heads when you walk by. Make sure to include tan or light brown shoes, a light blue dress shirt and very subtle jewellery. This Suit speaks for itself, so keep the accessories to the minimum.
    3. The Business Casual - Popular trend is the Navy suit. Navy is such a versatile and masculine color. Just combine the Navy Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit with any dress shirt according to personal preference. Gray and White are the most obvious picks. A Lilac dress shirt emphasizes the Navy Suit suitably as well.

    Ready to make the leap and put on our 34s Suits? Just follow the above fail proof tips along the way and you’ll look dapper at any occasion be it formal or casual. Jump right in and grab the 34s Suits online today!

  • According to researchers at Princeton University, a first impression doesn’t take longer than the blink of an eye. That is the whole reason why the phrase ‘dress for success’ is so true. Because humans take such a short time to process an impression of people they meet for the first time, you should always be aware of your wardrobe as well. What we see is what first grabs our attention. Continue reading

  • If you are the unsophisticated type like me you probably don’t get invited to many fancy parties. And if you are like me you can barely dress yourself. So you can’t understand why anyone would want to dress up just to get drunk. However, it is a good to know proper etiquette when it comes to these types of events. Why? Well, one reason is to be respected. Also if you appear respectable people will want to talk to you. If people want to talk to you you will be able to rejoin society. So wipe the Cheeto dust off your face and let’s talk about Black Tie Events.

    What is a Black Tie Event

    A black tie event is traditionally a semi-formal event usually starting after 6pm. These events are less formal than white tie events, but more formal than business dress. Black tie events started in Britain and the United States around the mid to late 19th century. In the United States, men usually wear tuxedos with a peaked lapel rather than a suit.

    Getting Invited to a Black Tie Event

    Now you have been invited to a black tie event. So you think you are just going to get a black tie, a nice suit, and hand out, but don’t. They might not let you in with what you are wearing. I know what you are thinking rich people have so many rules. I know, but thankfully I’m here to guide you, so they don’t smell your poverty too much.

    After you are invited, look at the invitation to see what kind of black tie event it is. Is it a black tie or black tie optional or black tie preferred event? The different between these are important. Black tie is strictly a tuxedo event, while preferred you can wear a suit and optional wear something formal. The different between optional and preferred is important here. Preferred means that if you do not have a tuxedo go with the next option the suit. Whereas, the optional is formal dress.

    To Conclude

    So you finally figured out how to read this invitation and found out it was a black tie not black tie preferred event. So now you have your tuxedo and are going to the event. Good luck. Hopefully you don’t get kicked out.

  • It’s boat season, time to kick off your dress shoes, roll up your cuffs and set sail! The summer is all about transforming your current wardrobe into something a little more laidback without compromising on style. There isn’t a better place than on a boat to spend a leisure weekend and show off your impeccable style. With these tips, it won’t matter if it’s a little dingy or a 150 ft. mega-yacht, you are going to be the best dressed person on the boat.  Here are 5 tips to adapting your suit for boating season:

    Dress for the occasion on the boat

    It’s absolutely fine to want to look stylish at every occasion, but sometimes we need a reality check. If you are going to be seriously fishing on the boat, it might not be a good idea to don a suit for that occasion. If you’d like to be stylish while boarding the boat, you could always wear a jacket such as this, paired with a casual shirt and pants then remove the jacket when you’re actually doing the fishing. This tan suit is also perfect for a day lounging on the boat with your beau. Pair it with some navy blue shorts and a white v-neck for a modern take on the classic sailor color palette. Or reverse it and wear this Navy blazer with a white shirt and tan shorts. For fancier events, you can’t go wrong with black. Pair our Black Suit with a black bow tie and dance the night away with you lady.

    Ditch the shirt on the boat

    We’re not recommending you go shirtless on the boat, but ditching the classic button down shirt for a classic polo is an option too. This light grey suit jacket paired with a neutral or a statement polo is a signature preppy look. Perfect for the boat or another popular summer activity, golfing. Pair it with a trousers and some down to earth loafers or Sperry’s.  Another unconventional style would be to roll the pants of your suit up, ditch your shoes, lose the jacket, and unbutton your shirt halfway down for a modern pirate look. Just don’t try to sink anyone; the Coast Guard might not like that.

    Wet - Not a problem

    Your suit isn’t afraid of water and neither should you be. It’ll survive some slat spray and maybe a light splash before it needs the dreaded dry cleaner. Just don’t go diving in it.

    Let Her Steal It

    It gets cold at night and what better use for your jacket than to lend it out. Give your jacket to to her if she’s feeling chilly and watch how she snuggles into you. The rest, well, that's up to you.

  • As you go for a job interview, being dressed well will help your confidence greatly. Especially, if you’re dressed like you already have the job. So here are our 5 interview style tips to what's best, what’s not, and what to wear for a job interview.

    1. Dress Up

    Obviously, that doesn't mean show up in a tuxedo, but it does mean that you should come to an interview looking proper and put together. A good interview style to emulate is confidence, which translates to a suit for men and a skirt or pants  suit for women.

    2. Nail the Fit

    Make sure that everything fits you nicely, it should neither be too tight nor too loose. Don’t wear anything that you’ve never worn before. If something doesn’t fit you correctly or you just don’t feel right, your interviewer is going to notice.

    3. There's a Reason it's Timeless

    “You should be the focus of your interview, not your clothing”, says Stacy Lindenberg, owner of Talent Seed Consulting. Therefore, keep it simple with rather conservative outfits. You can still pull out your funky stuff when you’ve actually got the job. Also opt for subtle jewelry and style your hair in a sleek way. You can still add one little detail that is going to set you apart, but don’t overdo it.

    4. Ask your Interviewer

    If you’re unsure about what to wear at all, just double-check with the company. They are going to appreciate you being so well-prepared and detail-oriented. That way, you cannot do anything wrong and you head to that job interview with a feeling of security.

    5. Investing is fine, But Don’t Overdo It

    Interviewers are not going to care about the designer of your suit, so don’t think you have to invest several hundred dollars in a special suit to interview in. Choose things that look nice, but don’t cost a fortune. A good move may be buying one piece that is pricey and then combining it with more affordable items. That way, your whole outfit gets an upgrade.

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