How to Wear a Vest

How to wear a Vest

Up until now, it has always been about the classic two-piece suit. It consists of the jacket and its match, the pants. But why stop there? A vest makes a major difference when dressing up in a suit. Below, I will outline  what the fuss is all about.  What should you consider when adding this piece to your wardrobe?


The merits of a vest are countless. Let's break it down:
1. Wearing a vest at social occasions will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and people are going to remember you for putting that extra effort into your wardrobe.

2. When worn on its own, it transforms to a piece that easily suits more casual gatherings. There is one important exception to this: Vests that are clearly meant to be combined with a jacket are not to be modeled on their own. So before opting for that waistcoat-only outfit, check if yours can be separated from its jacket.

3. In terms of silhouette, it creates a more balanced appearance. This is due to the fact that a single, unbroken stretch of formal fabric is formed when wearing a three-piece suit.


However, as with most things, rocking the three-piece is not always recommended. It makes any suit look immediately more formal. Therefore, consider if the occasion calls for a waistcoat or not, before possibly finding yourself in an awkward position. Naturally, adding another item to your outfit can result in getting warm very easily. A hot summer day definitely does not need a vest to make it even worse when already sweating in a suit. Finally, if it doesn't fit right, you could feel uncomfortable in it as well, so don't buy a vest on the go without giving it too much thought.

However, its opportunities outweigh the vest's threats and after reading this, you are definitely eligible to make the right waistcoat decisions.