Sock Couture - Dress Up

Socks might not be on your list of items to consider about a fully suited outfit. That’s why mistakes happen easily. Here comes a quick guide to your perfect hosiery. How are dress socks different from normal ones? They are usually longer, come in more discreet colors and are made of a thinner material. The latter gives them a finer, smoother look and feel than the one normal ones deliver.

How to make matches

Just one simple rule: If your dress socks match your pants, you’re good to go. This creates a non-distracting, streamlined look that will serve as another add-on to your elegance. Version two of this rather low-key style would be aligning them with your shoes. These are rules that always apply and never fail.

When socks fail

Let’s state the obvious: Your anklets should match one another and be in perfect condition. Why do I even mention this? Firstly, many of us forget to pay attention to our socks because we are too busy with coordinating the rest of our outfit. Secondly, when having to take off your shoes unexpectedly, you don’t want to embarrass yourself. When dressing up in a suit, dress socks are an accompaniment that adds this tiny little detail worth noting.

Here comes the fun..

This whole article has suggested a very conservative approach to hosiery. More colors will switch things up. When starting to suit up every single day for work, you will become more confident in choosing your outfits, including your hosiery. That’s the point at which you are allowed to play around with different patterns, colors and fabrics. Try getting a bit funky by creating cool contrasts. I'm throwing oxblood colored socks in with a blue suit here. Now you're ready to rock this suit-sock party.