A Dress Shirt for Every Day of the Week

Dress Shirt for Every Day of the Week

Your Surefire Shirt Guide For Work

A 5-day week requires 5 dress shirts. This is why I have concerned myself with different shirt colors and set up a guide that will get you through a full working week.

The Classic White

What else than white. A white dress shirt is as foolproof as a navy suit. They go pretty well together, by the way. White is the Ford among dress shirts. It is very versatile. Wear it under a Crew Neck, pair it with Jeans, a two-piece suit, a three-piece suit, shorts, whatever looks good to you. It’s a great Monday shirt. When rolling out of bed after the weekend, you just need to reach into your closet once without thinking about it.

The Light Blue Dress Shirt

Tuesdays call for light blue dress shirt. It compares well to the Classic White, because it is almost as adaptable and light. Still, it adds a bit of color to your wardrobe and probably matches a navy suit even better than its predecessor.

The Light Pink Dress Shirt

Wacky Wednesday, mixing things up. A light pink dress shirt is what you could opt for in the middle of the week. Bad news for men with a light skin tone: The Light Pink may not suit you perfectly. Everyone else, throw on the pink. Combined with a brown suit, it will give you a business casual look that is effortless and well-rounded.

The Thick Stripe Dress Shirt

Two days to go. Thursday is Thick Stripe Day. This shirt will make your whole outfit more sophisticated and modern. The nifty facet of the Thick Stripe: From a distance, the stripes will make up most of its color, so it almost looks like a solid. Depending on the color of its stripes, it goes well with different suits. Blue stripes, for instance, can be paired with the Navy, the Blue or the Tan Suit.

The Grey Dress Shirt

Friday, today we need something that will make a lasting impression while at work as well as at a club or bar for happy hour drinks. A charcoal suit will accentuate this shirt and put you in the spotlight. But even a dark grey suit can make this shirt shine. On top of that, the Grey has an evening feel to it and is definitely not a bad getup for enjoying a nice cocktail or refreshing beer to celebrate the upcoming weekend.