Lined Pants - Pro's and Con's

I wonder about many strange things every day. For example, who ever started this thing where you put extra cloth inside suit pants and called it lined pants? In order to deal with my irritation about that, I did some research so you don’t have to. In this post, I will outline the benefits and disadvantages of this thicker version of suit pants.

What lined pants are

Lined pants, as the name suggests, have a lining which is usually just a thin layer of extra fabric stitched into the actual cloth. Like the lining of a suit jacket, it can be made of different materials. Silk and Synthetics are the most common. Pants that are lined specifically to make them warmer, can be lined with flannel as well.

Why lining is overrated

In theory, lined pants can be a great idea. But there are several disadvantages to putting extra fabric inside suit pants. The obvious reason is added warmth. In summer, you definitely do not want to walk around in pants that are made of two layers. Secondly, lining can create more crease. Since it has to be left loose for ironing or pressing, it might shuffle up and become uncomfortably wrinkled. Another of my concerns is the increased expense that comes with using more fabric for one clothing item. All these points make up the reason why Hundred Dollar Suits’ pants come unlined.

Why lining is beneficial

There are two sides to every story. Even lined pants have certain benefits, that shouldn’t be overlooked. Firstly, the extra warmth can be advantageous in winter. However, wearing lined pants might be crucial in some regions, but when going to work, you normally don’t even spend that much time outside, so why wear lined pants. After all, we wear the same jeans in summer likewise in winter. Some argue that lining makes the pants hang better as it stops the outer pants from wearing onto your skin. Others say the complete opposite. Financially, there are two downsides to lining. Their purchase is more expensive in the first place. But getting them dry-cleaned ends up being a larger investment as well, because it just takes more time and effort as compared to unlined ones.

Finally, it is an individual decision. I personally recommend unlined pants as for the reasons above.