When In Dress Shirts

We need to talk about dress shirts. In my opinion, there isn't much that is more appealing on a man than a perfectly fitting dress shirt. Let me explain why: The other day, I was at an event in a museum and met this guy. What was he wearing? A regular, casual, wrinkled T-Shirt. Even worse: It didn’t fit him right either. Even though I really liked talking to him, I kept wondering why he couldn’t manage to put a dress shirt on. Most other men were dressed up in suits or at least dress pants and blazers. I’m telling you right now: Gentlemen, please put on dress shirts when the occasion calls for it.

The Right Fit

Sad truth: Even simply wearing dress shirts isn’t enough. From what I’ve witnessed, most men wear dress shirts one or two sizes too large, creating a look that is not professional anymore. Let’s break it down: How is a dress shirt supposed to fit?
The collar: A fitted color touches your neck all the way around, but still allows you to tuck a finger in without force.
The Shoulders: The vertical seam that connects the body of the shirt and its sleeves sits right at the edge of your shoulder.
The Overall Fit: You should be able to close the buttons comfortably, but the placket should still rest on your sternum. When tucking it, no excess fabric should billow out at the sides.

The Right Color

Check out our color guide on when to wear which kind of shirt. You can be sure to find your perfect mix for every day.

The Right Tuck

Tucking in the shirt should be easy by this time, since you’ve found your perfect fit now. However, here is a surefire, short guide to the right tuck:
When getting dressed, first tuck your undershirt into your underwear. Then, tuck your dress shirt into your suit pants. This will make it more likely for your shirt to stay where it’s supposed to be.
So back to my newest acquaintance: He might have been a nice guy, but next time, I’ll be expecting a more dressed-up look.

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