Do's and Don'ts' of Business Casual

An enigmatic phrase, “business casual” doesn’t really define what to wear. Formal is obvious enough for men and black tie is self-explanatory, but dressing for an office can be tedious and an exercise in career suicide. To avoid that, here are the Do’s and Don’ts’ of dressing Business Casual.


Do: Dress Up

If there’s one thing that business casual lets you get away with is being a little dressy. For an uptown look, pair a classic checkered button-down shirt with dark slacks and killer black shoes, a timeless style unlikely to ever fade from the business world or the business casual wardrobe.


Don’t: Dress Down

Business casual is not an excuse to dress like a slob. Make sure your clothes fit you and are appropriate for the office. I don’t care how much you love Megadeath, a graphic tee with skulls and swords is not appropriate for work.


Do: Something Bold

Business casual is often a place to show off the range of your wardrobe. Give it a stretch, drag out that old black jacket and pair it with a nice pair of dark blue jeans for a Hollywood look to take over the office. If you’re less inclined to dress like Brad Pitt, a bold tie can really brighten up an office and get you compliments all day long.


Don’t: Something Bland

Many people tend to repeat outfits in the office that is business casual. Try to avoid repeating outfits, even if it’s the next week. Help this by adding a few different styles and colors to your chino collection, there is more than one color of tan.


Do: Wear Shoes

It seems like a dumb thing to say, but sometimes it needs to be said. Wear shoes, not sneakers. Anything short of tuxedo shoes is perfectly acceptable. Though the trend has recently shifted allowing for sneakers in the workplace, but tread carefully. Keep your trainers at the gym and opt for a muted toned sneaker with a flat sole.


Don’t: Wear flip-flops

I don’t care what office you work it, it could be a thousand degrees and the floor could actually be made of sand, but flip-flops are for the beach and the pool only. Don’t wear them to work; nobody wants to see your hairy feet. Really, no one.