History of Suspenders

For the most part, suspenders have gone the way of hats, dickies, and spats, right to goodwill. But like everyone who watches The Walking Dead knows, nothing stays dead for long. So go down in your basement and dig through your old clothes because they are making a comeback. Now before you go out and buy ten pairs, I’m going to take you through what to do with your new suspenders, how to wear them, and why you actually do need at least one pair.



Suspenders arose when pants sat higher on the waist and belts were inconvenient to wear. But after World War I, men grew accustomed to belts and the suspender slowly faded into obscurity. And since then they’ve only been seen occasionally on Wall Street and on British aristocrats.


But since then, they have slowly risen in popularity among young professionals. Old styles are being resuscitated and suspenders came along for the ride. And like all old styles, they require care to wear.


How to Wear them

To wear them correctly, you need the right pants. The right pants are always dress pants with no belt loops or tuxedo pants. If you buy classic dress pants from a very well-known department store, you can almost always count on buttons on the insides of your new pants. But if you don’t have them, don’t be dissuaded. You can buy suspenders with little alligator clips on them.


Now you’ve got a pair, you’ve got the right pants, but you’re wearing them the wrong way! Suspenders should be worn with a jacket or a vest. If you’re particularly bold you can probably pull them off without covering them, but tread carefully. You can wind up looking like Gordon Gecko on his lunch break if you down wear close fitting clothes under your suspenders.