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  • What is an evening jacket and how to wear it?

    Undoubtedly evening jackets have come a long way, and no man wishes to be seen without one. Whether it be a wedding, formal or casual events, evening jackets have a way of always bringing out the best in you.

    What is an evening jacket?
    Designed for men, an evening jacket – aka tuxedo or dinner jacket – is a formal jacket occasionally worn with bow ties, and has satin or grosgrain lapel facings.

    When to wear an evening jacket
    Evening jackets are versatile, work as well for both black tie events and casual evening wear. It all depends on how playful you get with color combinations or which designs of bow ties you opt for.

    Types of evening jackets

    There are many designs of evening jackets, each which result in a flattering appearance:

    • Velvet evening jacket

    Nothing is more flattering at a night out than a combination of unique texture with a classical velvet feel to it.

    • Cream evening jacket

    Cream evening jackets are casual and match well with black colors of different garments.

    • White evening jacket

    This kind of evening jacket is more formal, matches well with black clothing; such as bow tie and cummerbund with black trousers.

    • Blue evening jacket

    For the risk takers, this is an excellent option. Blue evening jackets are always in style no matter the shade and are paired with a dashing tuxedo.

    • Black evening jacket

    Equip yourself with a classy black evening jacket, paired with a black bow tie for the ultimate classic look.

    • Patterned evening jacket

    The modern style of dressing incorporates dashing patterns with a touch of jacquard, brocade, check or print designs.

    How to wear dinner/evening jackets

    • Worn with suitable tuxedo pants in black tie occasions.
    • Wear a plain front, pleated or bib front formal shirt.
    • Never forget a bow tie.
    • Add a cummerbund or waistcoat for a classical appearance.
    • Pair the ensemble with Oxford shoes.
  • Looking for a fresh start? Take some advice from David Clark, a formerly 320- pound addict-tumed-champion ultramarathoner (and aspiring MMA fighter).

    Admit Your Mistakes

    "The only way to get to 100 percent commitment to a fresh start is to admit that you can't continue on the path you've been on," says Clark. "People often say, ‘It could always be worse,’ and that's meant to be an exercise in gratitude, but really, it gives us permission to stay where we are. Sure, it could be worse, but it could be a lot better, too."

    Choose the Life You Want

    “l chose running as a vehicle to help me get sober. Even if l could only do it for 15 seconds at the start, I had to do it. I watched movies that would motivate me; I researched runners and sobriety and everything that I thought aligned with the life I wanted. It takes work to make something a passion: You feed that fire and the harder you work to feed that fire, the more naturally the motivation comes."

    Accept Your Pain

    "Our behavior and our concept of who we are have to be in alignment: When they're not, there's a tremendous amount of conflict. I had to put my energy into changing who I'm supposed to be, instead of changing who I thought I was. You need to eat the pain, accept you've been wrong about who you thought you were. People don't know how strong they are until being that strong is required. "


  • Suits come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you have spent any time shopping for suits at all, you’ve likely come across the word “lapel” in the description. So you maybe wondering, what is a lapel?

    What is a lapel and why does it matter?

    Lapels are simply the flaps of a suit that lie below the collar on the front of a jacket. Every suit features some form of a lapel but the design truly externalize the personality of a jacket. Lapels create the identity of a suit.

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  • What to wear to an interview? A question as old as jobs themselves.

    Congratulations, you finally landed an interview with that company you’ve been dreaming of! Now comes the easy part of meeting your (hopefully) future boss, impressing them, figuring out what to wear to an interview, being better than everyone else applying, not forgetting your name… wait…

    Ok, so maybe you aren’t out of the woods yet but don’t count yourself out just yet. There are going to be other applicants, so you need leave an impression with your future employers to get the job you want. Whether it’s at the bar down the street or a law office, people notice how you look.

    So you might be asking yourself “What to wear to an interview that really matters?” Don't worry, we got you covered. By taking the appropriate steps before and following this guide will prepare you, giving you a competitive edge so you don’t have to eat microwaved ramen noodles for the fifth time this week.

    Before The Interview

    Like most things in life, if you prepare well you will be just fine. If you don’t, you got about a 50/50 chance that you will do well, at best. Do your research before, it will go a long way to acing the the interview. Know the company thoroughly, have an idea of the work culture, and think of thoughtful questions. Learning the company’s culture will give you a sense of what their ideal employee looks like.

    A new startup will be vastly different from a Big 4 accounting firm that somehow avoids paying taxes every year. Knowing about the job for will help you dress like you belong. Also, make sure to bring a copy of your resume and be able to talk about each aspect thoroughly.

    What To Wear To An Interview

    Now comes the part that some men will worry about a week before the actual meeting, what to wear for an interview? I typically stick with the rule of “Look good but not flashy” meaning dress like you belong in an office, not like you belong on the red carpet.


    Step It Up A Notch

    A good rule of thumb: dress one level up from the office’s day to day attire. So if they normally wear slacks and a button down opt for a suit or a nice shirt and tie. Another reason to do your research ahead of time.

    Don't Forget To Clean Up

    Another key is to shave. Don’t be the schmuck that goes to his big interview with two day old five-o'clock shadow. Most employers will tell you to turn back around if you walk through their door looking unkempt. A beard or mustache works so long as you have it well groomed and don’t look like a homeless person found a suit.

    What color suit should you wear to an interview?

    Always go with dark colors. You can never go wrong with a nice navy suit or this iconic black outfit. Make sure the shirt you pick complements your suit and doesn't overwhelm the suit. Pink or yellow might be nice for Easter or a barbeque but not for an interview. Imagine the type of professional that you would hire, I bet he wasn’t wearing a purple polka dotted shirt or anything with floral print.

    Get The Fit Right

    How the suit fits is the most important aspect of a suit Try on your favorite suit a week before and make sure everything fits, especially the sleeves. Nothing makes someone look less professional than having to pull up their sleeves for a handshake. Don’t make the employer question whether or not you had to borrow your dad’s jacket, make sure it fits.

    Don’t sleep on the details. Nice shoes and the right tie complete a professional outfit. Shoes make an outfit. Depending on the suit color either black or brown work best. These shoes shouldn’t be worn frequently and in good condition. So help me god if you wear Jordan’s or any other type sneakers to your professional interview you might as well not show up.

    The tie gives you chance to be a little creative, but don’t get too crazy. Stick to the basics like black, grey, blue, dark green, or dark red. Keep in mind the right neck-wear ties the whole outfit together (pun intended).

    With all these hints and a touch of confidence, the other applicants won't stand a chance. Now go try on that suit and go ace your interview.

    Do you have any advice about what to wear to an interview? Be sure to comment below!

  • Dress For The Occasion: Graduation Attire

    Graduation, the product of four years of hardwork and sleepless nights. This right of passage calls for a celebration, celebrate success appropriately by dressing for the occasion.

    What You Need To Know Ahead Of Graduation

    Graduation Is A Time To Celebrate

    • College roughly translates to “something that needs to be done but no one really wants to do”. Now the graduate can finally celebrate what he/she worked so hard for. You should be excited for them and ready to share their special day with them.

    Be Prepared To Stand

    • Graduations. Take. Forever. Between everyone getting their diploma and countless speeches, they can take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the size of the graduating class. Post commencement ceremonies take even longer and often require a lot of standing. Dress comfortably so you don’t hate yourself after the third hour.

    Expect Sunny Weather

    • Most graduations happen in either mid or late May, the start of summer. This time of the year generally means nice weather so wear something breathable and in season. Make sure to check the weather just in case.

    What To Wear To Graduation

    Graduation Attire For A Graduate

    Keep It Simple

    • Don’t overthink the outfit. A suit or sports jacket with a tie is the standard. Try an always classy navy suit to show your maturity but still look good.

    Don’t Forget The Tie

    • Most likely, you won’t be wearing a jacket the entire time, but you that tie should not leave your neck. Wear a tie, a lot of pictures are taken at graduation.

    The Shoes Matter

    • The gown will cover most of your suit… besides the shoes. Make sure your shoes look nice, often it will be the only part of your graduation attire that can be seen.

    Graduation Attire For A Guest

    Keep It Business Casual

    • Graduation is not your special day, there’s no need for you to whip out your tuxedo. Go for business casual or a relaxed suit instead. Consider a tie if the venue calls for it but definitely wear a nice blazer regardless of location.

    Consider Warm Colors

    • Summer calls for brighter colors. Set the tone of the graduation party with exciting options such as a Light Gray Summer Suit. Relax, you have nothing to do besides celebrate.
  • Go From Plus One To Life Of The Party

    Wedding season is upon us once again. Get ready for countless photos of smiling couples, floral arrangements, groups of strangers, uncomfortable dance circles, and men in suits. A true gentleman seizes this picture friendly opportunity by stunting in his nicest suit. Then the invite calls it a “casual wedding”, ok… So how do you know what to wear to a wedding?


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  • Getting To Know The Modern Fit Suit

    A busy man who’s looking for a fuss free suit will more often than none choose the Modern Fit Suit. The Modern Fit Suit is tailor made to fall in between the Ultra Slim Fit and Regular Fit which is usually the optimum choice for a man of average build and height. Plus, for those who just aren’t quite confident to pull off an Ultra Slim Fit, our Modern Fit Suit is your go to option. However, if your body type is simply small and slender, take our word and go ahead with the Ultra Slim Fit instead.

    Who Wears The Modern Fit Suit Best

    The Modern Fit Suit is generally worn by many without knowing if the fit suits them or not and this usually affects their appearance. In order for you to avoid such a mistake, pick up the Modern Fit Suit only when your body frame cannot fit into an Ultra Slim Fit or find the Regular Fit too boxy for your liking. At Hundred Dollar Suits, your comfort and style both plays an important role in what suits we have to offer. For the professional man who likes a tapered fit without a boxy silhouette, the Modern Fit Suit is right for you.

    Buying Your Modern Fit Suit Online

    Most men worry about online shopping particularly because either they have never done it before or don’t like the idea of sifting through products. At Hundred Dollar Suits we make things easier by providing quick guides from what to wear to how to buy. Follow these easy steps to make your online shopping experience hassle free and so you can grab your new Modern Fit Suit to go.


    • Do have a copy of your own measurements ready. Can also reference from an existing suit but having your own personal measurements are always better.
    • Do look through product information and other content. Sites like ours often have all the information you need. Browse and read.
    • Do find out the purpose of your purchase - formal, casual, Black Tie, party, business professional and more. Knowing why you need the suit usually narrows down your search to WHAT suit you will be purchasing.


    • Don’t overlook your body type, height and build. This has nothing to do with discrimination. Before buying your Modern Fit Suit, you first need to acknowledge your body frame.
    • Don’t expect an exact personally made fit. If you’re looking for a replica of a personally tailored suit, buying it online is not the answer. Allow room for minor adjustments.
    • Don’t forget to check the return policy. Hundred Dollar Suits offers an easy to follow returns procedure so we’ve got you covered.

    Learning these simple do’s and don’ts will have you purchasing your new suit in no time. Go ahead and browse our wide selection of Modern Fit Suit in various colors and styles now.

  • About Besom Pockets

    Besom Pockets are generally the more traditional detail you can find on a tuxedo. For example, you can have a look at Black Slim Fit Three Piece Tuxedo or the One Button White Tuxedo With Satin Shawl Collar and observe that these tuxedos have a timeless jacket look with besom pockets. While many men prefer besom pockets over flap pockets for tuxedos, there are new additions like convertible flap besom pockets that help bridge the gap between modern day tuxedo wearers who like a versatile design. While besom pockets are considered a classic, they are definitely not outdated at all.

    When To Choose Besom Pockets

    For Black Tie events, you will definitely want a tuxedo with besom pockets. Traditionalists who take clothing etiquette seriously may frown upon flap pockets especially at a high end formal black tie event. Lucky for you, tuxedos at Hundred Dollar Suits come with besom pockets so it is a no brainer which one to choose. The besom pocket on tuxedo jackets have the ability to streamline your figure while ensuring that you look tidy and sharp all together. Besides, if you have a semi-formal event to attend, jackets with besom pockets can still work without a hitch.

    Besom Pockets Will Always Be Relevant

    Well suited and distinct to formal jackets, besom pockets are the number one detail to look for when shopping for a tuxedo online. The clean lines and refined styling are often enough to for you to make up your mind. We don’t see besom pockets to ever run out of style which means these pockets will stay relevant against the test of time. Besom Pockets are also a sign of quality where the jackets are made of finished material so when you find a great fitting tuxedo with besom pockets, pick it up and go!


    • Able to create a more streamlined look for men with short heights
    • Classic choice across formal events
    • Less bulky than flap pockets
    • Accentuates lanky bodies and generally works for all body frames
    • Cleans up the whole outfit without additional fabric


    • May appear outdated
    • Your items may fall out easily when you sit
    • Lacking in terms of fashion forwardness

    The pros outweigh the cons. Whatever your preference may be, just remember that certain formal events require the besom pocket more often than flap pockets. Choose wisely! Shop the widest selection of suits and tuxedos with ease at Hundred Dollar Suits today.

  • About The Interview Suit

    What everyone knows is how important dressing up for an interview is because your first impression always counts in the process. Knowing what to dress up in and how to choose the type of clothing can sometimes be a confusing process. This is because nowadays it’s hard to know what sort of environment you will be walking into. Easiest way is to pick up an Interview Suit for the big day. The Interview Suit is often a suit jacket with matching pants paired with a dress shirt and tie - simple as that.

    When To Wear An Interview Suit

    You should also know that not all interview sessions require an actual Interview Suit. This is often related to the work culture differences between companies. You don’t have to show up in a full suit if you’re interviewing for a position in a startup company that usually dresses casually. However if you’re about to go for an interview at a major corporation or for a professional corporate company, it’s only natural to choose an Interview Suit. To know for sure, do your research on the company’s environment and even dress code.

    Top 3 Interview Suit Essentials

    For a quick guide on choosing your next Interview Suit, give these details a quick run through and make your decision by browsing the Hundred Dollar Suits collection. You will definitely find the right one to impress and make your overall impression a good one.

    1. Suit Fit - The right suit fit goes a long way. Depending on your height and body type, choose from Ultra Slim, Regular or Modern Fit.
    2. Suit Design - The Interview Suit is usually a two piece suit with a single breasted two or three button suit jacket and notched lapel. As an example, this basic Black Two Piece Wool Suit that has all the characteristics of a classic Interview Suit.
    3. Suit Color - Most interview attendees usually go for a solid black suit color but in order for you to look your best, choose a more contemporary color like Charcoal, Gray or Navy instead. If you do choose black, make sure your dress shirt or tie has a simple pattern as to not appear like you’re mourning or even look like a waiting staff.

    These top three Interview Suit essentials contain basic information to help you with choosing the right suit for the interview you’re attending. Don’t forget to brush up on your interview skills to match with the dapper Interview Suit you’ll be wearing.

    Accessorizing The Interview Suit

    So you already know which suit you will be purchasing for your big interview. Now you’re thinking about accessories. The Interview Suit usually speaks for itself without using a lot of fancy add ons. This is why determining your size and fit is number one to think about. Get your measurements by asking your family member or the store to do it for you. Once the size and fit is right, add accessories accordingly. Stick to a necktie, leather belt, Oxford shoes and watch for your Interview Suit accessories. This way you have time to focus on the interview without worrying about what you’re wearing.

  • Summary of “What’s My Suit Size?”

    Finding the right size and fit for suits can be hard especially if you’re shopping for them online. All men know that the sizing and fitting of a suit determines how good it looks like as a whole. With this said, the question about finding my suit size often pops up. Different heights and body frames have suit requirements that vary in both size and fit. Let’s say you’re tall and well built, don’t go around shopping online for a 34s suit because that’s a size for those with small stature.

    Understanding the labels and measurements provided in the “What’s My Suit Size” manual is essential to finding the right suit for you. We’ll be touching base on the little details in this summary so you won’t have to worry about not understanding any key pointers. Keep on reading to find out more below.

    What’s My Suit Size If I’m Short?

    34S Suits are the answer to that question when you’re in the height range of 5’4’’ and 5’6’’ with a small frame. The suits are tailor made in these sizes with an Ultra Slim Fit to make sure that there are no baggy excess of fabric to weigh you down. Being short is not a disadvantage in the world of suits. There are a variety of 34S Suits to choose from at Hundred Dollar Suits so you can worry less asking “What’s my suit size” and have more time to think about which suit color you are interested in.

    What About My Suit Size If I’m Tall?

    A lot of people think that being taller means an having an easier time finding the right suit size. That’s often a misconception because not every suit retailer caters to tall body frames. Lucky for you, Hundred Dollar Suits offers many choices of 50L Suits. All 50L Suits are made with equal quality as other suits here in our online store. You will need a 50L Suit if your height falls in between 6’ and 6’3’’ so browse our top selection of 50L Suits online now. No more wondering about the question “What’s my suit size” anymore.

    My Suit Size When I’m Not Too Tall, Not Too Short?

    You’ve got the least problems of them all. Most stores will carry your size. It’s only a matter of fit and color preference from here on out. With a standard height range of 5’7 to 5’11, the 34R Suit would be an optimal choice for the regular and modern fit to suit your body frame proportionately. Don’t forget to keep other details in mind like the color, lapels and accessories before choosing your suit. The question “What’s my suit size” is definitely no longer a concern.

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