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  • 4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

         Guide on how to iron pants part 3

    How to iron pants, number 3:

    Once you are done with the top part of the pants it's time for the legs. First of all, lay down the pants with the hems facing your iron. Try to find the existing crease and iron over it again. Also, make sure the bottom layer of the pant leg is laid flat as possible. You may have to wiggle it around a little bit to find the perfect crease so it is exactly where it was before. Now inside at the bottom, a vacuum table really helps to get the better crease and to iron your pants much faster. Again in order to get that perfect crispness, you want the clapper. Once you are done with the front pleat of the pant leg, iron that little part of the pants very carefully because you do not want to create any wrinkles on the outside or the backside of the pant leg.

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  • What to Pack for Vacation for Men

    One of the important things to take into consideration during the vacation season is knowing the things that you will need. If you want to free yourself from the worries of tugging around luggage and travel with just a carry-on, you need to know the essentials that are a must on such a journey. The first thing is to check the weather forecast, then dress appropriately. Here what to pack for vacation for men, assuming that you have packed your boxers and undershirts already.

    What to Pack for Vacation for Men
    What to Pack for Vacation for Men: Blazer

    Blazers are very versatile menswear pieces, that along with keeping you warm, they also help pull your look together. On top of that, you can choose from multiple styles. Just make sure that it is not too tight or it will be difficult for you to wear the underneath layers. If the blazer is too loose, it will not give that crisp buttoned-up look.
    Another important thing to consider is that color. Your choice of color should go well with the rest of the pieces you are traveling with. The safest options are navy and gray, and you can’t go wrong with these two colors as they are insanely versatile.

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  • 4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

    Guide on how to iron pants part 2

    Why most men avoid ironing their pants:

    They perceive it as being quite difficult. Most dress pants are made of the wool and it is very easy to end up with a shiny pair of pants that look cheap and worn out. On top of that, ironing the pleats n the right way and especially the rise and the area on top are not easy things but they are definitely manageable. Unlike with a dress shirt, with pants, you should not iron several layers on top of each other, because that can cause difficulties and wrinkles and it a pretty hard to iron the pants that way.

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  • High Summer Days Fashion Pieces for Men

    High Summer Days Fashion Pieces for Men

    Summertime is the hottest season of the years, and often the hardest to figure out proper dressing for. Having the correct pieces to put on in this weather can save you from a lot of discomforts, and take some heat off. Here are few of the high summer days fashion pieces for men.

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  • 4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

    Guide on how to iron pants part 1

    How to iron pants, number 1:

    It all starts with the prep work. Of course, you need an ironing table and iron. On top of that, I suggest investing in a sleeve board with a wider end and a slimmer and a spray bottle, a cloth as well as a clapper which is a wooden block. In addition to that, you can add a tailor's ham which looks like a cushion but is actually filled with sawdust. It's very stiff it helps to get the round areas in the garment ironed perfectly. While the damp cloth protects your wool pants from getting shiny, you can also invest in a Teflon under the sole and that way you do not have to use the cloth and it is much easier to iron that way because you can be more accurate because you can always see what is going on.

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  • The Essential Shoe Types for Men

    The Essential Shoe Types for Men

    If you want to have a shoe collection that has the versatility to cover all areas, then there are two things you need to keep in mind. First, choose the classics over the contemporary fashion and second, quality over quantity. The saying that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes, is actually true. The key is owning pairs that can cover pretty much every social situation you are likely to find yourself in. Here are the essential shoe types for men.

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  • Duffel coat guide

    Duffel coat guide part 5

    Duffel coat length:

    Originally, the months or duffel coats were quite long because they were supposed to keep you warm on a ship in a rough sea. Today, most coats are about knee length and you can also find some that are shorter. The knee length is nice because it is about the right height, it is not too long, it does not make you look like Columbo, at the same time it does not make you freeze because it is not too short.

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  • Hacks for skinny guys to look good part two

    Hacks for skinny guys to look good part two

    Here are some hacks that you can do all the time to look bigger, but these hacks are an only temporary solution, your ultimate goal should be gaining weight and packing muscles because that will make you look good in all types of clothes:

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  • Duffel coat guide

    Duffel coat guide part 4

    How to wear and combine a duffel coat, number 2:

    If you want the original roomy cut, go for it. Because it is more casual in nature, you do not need to wear it with a tweed coat but it looks nice with just a sweater. Of course, a cardigan would work as well. It actually pairs really well with denim jeans, with corduroy, with chinos, maybe even woolen slacks, flannel slacks or any other pants that you could think of.

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  • Semi Formal For Weddings

    Semi Formal For Weddings

    Most people like to have their wedding around this time because of the nice weather. This gives the guests some control over their dressing. Semi formal dress code is getting more and more common and is currently one of the most recent trends in weddings, especially during this time of the year.

    Semi formal is a difficult dress code to pull off, but worry no more as we have brought to you a step by step guide so that you are not left behind and look just right for the wedding dress code.


    Semi formal dress code is very popular these days for weddings. Also, if there is no specific code fixed to follow in the event, your best option is to go semi formal. Semi formal is not casual, but it is far more relaxed than black tie dress code. Make sure to style yourself in a way that you don't look like you're heading to your office or a court hearing. This is a common mistake among men.

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