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  • Dressing sharp for the short man part one

    Dressing sharp for the short man part one

    We all know that if you are short man things can be difficult when it comes to dressing sharp. These tips will hopefully help you.

    Dressing sharp tip number one: Understand fit as a shorter individual

    For you to understand fit as a shorter individual so that you can wear clothing that makes you look great, not clothing that makes you look shorter than what you actually are.

    Dressing sharp tip number two: Shirt fit

    You don't want a shirt to extend past your hipbones. You can get that adjusted, but I would say find a brand, find a particular style that works for your body type versus having to spend that extra money on the tailor tax. You want to go out and look at the shoulder points. If the shoulder points go way beyond your shoulders, then don't buy the shirt. You want to make sure it fits you on shoulders. This is key if you are a bigger guy, a muscular guy but you want a slimmer fit. Look for something that has a particular type of V cut. Basically accommodates your drop. Your drop is the difference between your chest measurement and your stomach or your waist measurement. Depending on your drop you are looking for a t-shirt that actually fits that style. Let's say you have almost no drop, you have got about a 42-inch midsection and you have got about a 42-inch chest. In that case, you are going to look for a style of t-shirt that is more of a rectangle and there are some that just drape straight down. Other ones, again, they are going to have more of an athletic cut and so they are going to come in more in the stomach area. That is very important when you want to look sharp in your shirt when you are a shorter man.

  • Upgrade Your Style With Vintage Ties

    Upgrade Your Style With Vintage Ties

    Neckties are the kind of small addition in a man’s attire that makes a huge difference. There is no place in the entire world where people don’t wear ties. Wearing a tie gives a man a sophisticated and stylish look which makes it one of the most important accessories for men. The kind of tie you wear tells a lot about your personality so we recommend not taking them lightly. Continue reading

  • David Lynch Standing Out with His Signature look

    David Lynch Standing Out with His Signature look

    We have all seen many celebrities who have a signature look, who wear the same kind of clothes day after day so often that it becomes a part of them. It becomes their uniform, their identity. This uniform look can be very stylish if done right. Continue reading

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Formal And Semi Formal Styles

    A Beginner’s Guide To Formal And Semi Formal Styles

    Many years ago, men used to attend events often where black tie and white tie were worn. At that time, formal dressing mainly meant white ties and coat tails, whereas semi formal dressing was dinner suits and black ties. People of that time knew way more about fashion than that of today. Despite living in a fashion forward time, some of us don’t even have the slightest of clue about the difference between the two types of clothing. If you struggle with this too then keep reading, because this article has everything you need.

    At its core, traditional formal dressing includes both black tie and white tie. However, semi formal dressing is more comfortable and relaxed like a dark suit with a tie.


    Continue reading

  • Donald Glover And His Best Looks Of 2018

    Donald Glover And His Best Looks Of 2018

    You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Donald Glover over the past couple of years. The multitalented American actor is a comedian, writer, director, rapper and a DJ as well. His success has kept him under the spotlight for quite a while now. Glover has received many awards for his universally acclaimed, comedy show Atlanta. You may know Glover from his musical stage name, Childish Gambino. He got a lot of buzz after the surprise release of his new hit song, This is America, which got 32 million views in only two days, making it one of the most popular videos of 2018. But this is just the beginning for Donald Glover; he recently starred in a Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and is cast as Simba in the upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King. However, it is not just his stellar acting and musical talent that has kept him in the news for so long, it is also his unique way of dressing.

    Continue reading

  • Stripes Trending in 2018
    Stripes Trending in 2018

    The year 2018 started with some great fashion trends and we saw comeback of many different clothing articles along with patterns. Stripes are said to be the cool thing this summer. This is for sure not a surprise stripes have always been in fashion for a very long time and we can say that they are timeless. Continue reading

  • Not Your Average Black Suit Guy Samuel L. Jackson

    Not Your Average Black Suit Guy: Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson started his career in his forties but that does not mean he was left behind or anything. He has done justice to some of the most amazing characters and everyone loves him for that.

    Samuel is not a new name when it comes dressing boldly. The actor is now 69 years old but still manages to awestruck the audience with his appearance on different events and occasions. Since you’d know what compliments your skin best, going for clothes shopping will have more ease while you’re at it! Continue reading

  • Pierce Brosnan’s All-time Winning Looks

    Pierce Brosnan’s All-time Winning Looks

    Bond. James Bond, who does not remember this famous introduction from Pierce Brosnan?

    Pierce Brosnan the Irish actor, producer and activist is best known for his role as James Bond 007.  Besides his role as James Bond he gave us many other reasons to adore him. When it comes to dressing and styling James Brosnan has a very sleek sense of fashion and his overall charismatic personality makes him look even more amazing. Looking at his dressing on different events and occasion other than on-screen we can tell you that Brosnan is very fond of suits. Continue reading

  • 6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget

    6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget part one

    If you want to build a timeless wardrobe that stands the test of time and if you do not want to have pieces that you just throw away after a year and move on and buy it again, then follow these tips: Continue reading

  • 4 things better bought cheap

    There are some items that are just better bought cheap, and going high-end, buying luxury is just a huge waste of money. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t spend too much money on: Continue reading

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