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  • The Proper Way of Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer

    The Proper Way of Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer

    As much as we love summers, they put us in a tricky spot. How to look good while dripping with sweat from head to toe? If you happen to live in one of those areas where the warm weather is particularly harsh, dressing for events in summers can be a problematic fest. Luckily, instead of having to be uncomfortable or unstylish at these events, there are a few solutions and dressing options that will save you from wringing out in a suit by noon.
    Here is a breakdown of how to traverse the events in summers while being both comfortable and stylish.

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  • Tweed guide

    Tweed guide part 5

    How to wear tweed, number 1:

    A good rule for tweed is to wear it in any cool weather situation where a sports coat or casual suit is appropriate. Weekends are great for tweed. Also, keep in mind too that a new tweed jacket or suit will require some break-in time because there are reports of people throwing their traditional tweed jackets against a wall to soften it up. If you fancy tweed, you should consider investing in a three-piece tweed suit, perhaps even with knickerbockers, but whatever you decide, make sure you choose a weight that is appropriate to your climate and purpose.

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  • The business attire dress code guide

    Understanding Cocktail Dress Code

    Cocktail attire gained popularity between twenties and thirties when people became wealthier and fashionable and started to enjoy drinks before dinner. Back in those days, social events and activities required men to dress differently and more suitably. Hence, a new dress code was formed.

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  • Tweed guide21

    Tweed guide part 4

    Types of tweed, number 8:

    A thornproof tweed is woven with high twist fibers to make the cloth resistant to tears and punctures.  It was first used in the 1870s in the Red River Rebellion in Canada, where troops wore a cloth made to resist the thorns. Thornproof is usually a plain and solid colored, lightly grey-green fabric but, available with windowpanes.  It is practical for hunting or hiking through thick underbrush, brambles, and gorse. Also, this kind of tweed is a self-repairing cloth.  If you were to push a sharp pointed object through the cloth to make a hole, all you need to do is massage the cloth between your thumbs and the hole immediately will disappear.

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  • Lapel Pins: For those who want to leave their Mark!

    Lapel Pin is an amazing, old-school accessory that has proven to be brilliantly fresh in the modern era fashion. A Lapel Pin is undeniably stylish. It adds details and elegancy in your style. Lapel Pins come in several styles and patterns, suitable for different occasions. In recent years, Lapel Pins have grown popular due to the revival of vintage and classical styles in the modern fashion. Lapel Pin is a wonderful accessory and a must have if you want to leave your mark in the style game.

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  • Tweed guide

    Tweed guide part 3

    Types of tweed, number 3:

    Donegal tweed got its name from the Irish county of Donegal.  The fabric is coarse which produces a very rustic look, and features contrast-colored “neps” or “slubs” that produces a casual and little bit sporty look.

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  • Tweed guide

    Tweed guide part 2

    History of tweed, number 4:

    Early golfers such as Old Tom Morris only played in tweed “plus fours,” and the wear of tweed for golf was nearly omnipresent up until the 1930s when summer flannel pants and polo shirts started becoming more popular. It is a little known ironic fact of history that during the Boer War, the Boers, in fighting against the British in their desperate struggle, overwhelmingly clothed themselves in this fabric.

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  • You Need to Check the Following Suits if You’re a Big Man.

    No-one’s body type is the same, and everyone has their own struggles when it comes to finding the perfect suit. A suit should be well fitted but also flattering, but this can be impossible to find. These helpful tips should make finding your perfect suit easier and less stressful. 
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  • Tweed guide

    Tweed guide part 1

    History of tweed, number 1:

    It is commonly thought that tweed was first made in Scotland and Ireland as a way for the farmers there to battle the chilly and cold climate that characterizes those parts. This fabric began as a hand-woven fabric, the cloth was rough and thick. The colors were muted and earthy.  It was a working man’s cloth. As far as the name goes, there are a couple of theories. First one claims that this fabric comes from the river Tweed, which is in Scotland, supposedly the cloth was first woven in the Tweed Valley, but other theory claims that the tweed is a twist of the Scottish word tweel.

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  • Three Essential Sneaker Styles That You Should Own

    Three Essential Sneaker Styles That You Should Own

    Over the past few years, one thing has become an essential part of men’s style—the sneakers. If stats are to be believed, the resale value of kicks has been upwards of a billion dollars every year since 2015. The trend in menswear is moving from the smarter wear to the athletic options. The trainers are more in style now than ever, and we have listed three must-have sneakers that you need to add to your collection.

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