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  • Mardi Gras in New York City

    Mardi Gras is underway, and if you couldn’t afford a flight to New Orleans this year, we have you covered. Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday”,  starts on Tuesday February 28, 2017. This New Orleans tradition began years ago as a celebration that takes place the day before Ash Wednesday. The tradition originated in Europe and was a way to celebrate the end of indulging in meat. With years of history, New Orleans has flourished with this carnival celebration and everyone wants to be a part of the culture and movement. Here in NYC, you too can be a part of the festivities without being on Bourbon Street. Check out these Mardi Gras events that you can get into while living in the five-boroughs.

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  • Keep Your Feet Dry! Waterproof Footwear to the Rescue!

    With winter coming to an end and spring right around the corner, we can expect a lot of rain going forward. As we all know, rain can ruin shoes easily, especially leather shoes. We give you a few suggestions on how to keep your feet waterproof without having sacrificing style.

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  • Celebrate National Drink Wine Day with Sweet Deals

    national drink wine day

    Tomorrow, February 18, is a holiday that most of us can get behind: National Drink Wine Day. You don't need to spend lavishly just to get some good wine. If you're a wine connoisseur, you already know this. So in honor of this "holiday", which is really just a good excuse to drink more wine, we're listing the best wines under $10. Happy National Drink Wine Day!

    1. Fantini Farnese Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo

    This is a spirited rose, from a small coastal town in Italy called Ortona. It carries strawberry aromas, and is perfect for people who like sweeter wines. It's a medium-bodied wine that goes great with fish and light pastas. Best yet, it's only $9.

    2. Sutter Home Pink Moscatonational drink wine day

    $5 wine? Sign us up! This pink blend of California rose and Moscato has aromas of white peach, caramel, passion fruit, honeydew, and a bit of vanilla. This blush-colored wine is perfect for a relaxing day at home.

    3. Dark Horse 2014 Pinot Noir

    Get this California Pinot Noir for just $8 on National Drink Wine Day. It contains hints of rose and lavender, along with the cherry and strawberry flavors. There's a velvety feeling about it due to a bit of molasses, so it'll go down smooth.

    national drink wine day4. Ironstone Petite Sirah

    From California, this $10 Petite Sirah is a full-bodied wine that pairs berries, dark chocolate, cedar, and vanilla. There are aromas of blueberry and vanilla. Perfect for a rainy day... and National Drink Wine Day.

    On top of all these deals, Whole Foods is offering 20% off all Criterion wines on National Drink Wine Day. Criterion wines are created based off various wine styles from all the important wine regions across the globe. This includes wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Barolo, Pinot Grigio, and more. Now, you can celebrate National Wine Day by trying something new, or perhaps stocking up on your old favorites.

  • The Rise of Slim Fit Suits

    The patterned shirt on slim fit suits look can work with or without a tie

    Slim-fitted suits are giving a different look to the Dapper-Dans of fashion. Since everyone seems to be moving from subtle-monochromatic to vibrant-contemporary, slim fit suits are also making a huge debut. It’s like the saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new’, and these babies are doing just that. So the real question is, why are guys finding slim fit suits more appealing?

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  • Searching for the Right Overcoat this Winter

    Punxsutawaney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter, so you might need to hold on to your winter wear. If you have a worn-out overcoat, you might need help replacing it. We at HDS can help you pick out an overcoat; in case finding an overcoat proves to be daunting, or if you just want to switch it up.

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  • Valentine's Day Date Ideas that are Actually Fun

    Valentine's Day Date , candy hearts Valentine's Day is a holiday that can go horribly wrong, or wonderfully right. And one major part of having it go right is making sure you have somewhere interesting to go. There's really no universal date spot to go to on Valentine's Day, because every couple is different. That's why we've gathered four very different Valentine's Day date ideas for you to select from. And don't worry, all of these places are actually fun.

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  • How to Layer your Suit this Winter

    Layering your look is essential this season, especially when wearing a suit. Though wearing a suit in frigid temperatures is tricky, it's not impossible. Layering a suit is the best way to keep warm this winter season -- and you can maintain your style. These are our recommendations for layering your suit this winter season.

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  • Perfect Pink Accessories for Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is the holiday dedicated to love. What better way to show you are in the holiday spirit than to wear pink accessories! They don’t have to be loud and over the top - in fact, they can be subtle or even a touch romantic. We at Hundred Dollar Suits suggest a few pink accessories to wear for that special occasion with that special someone without being too cheesy.

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  • Top 3 Fireplace Bars in the 5 Boroughs

    The temperature is finally dropping in New York. Truth is, that has never stopped us from going out and enjoying ourselves. With Mother Nature controlling our wardrobe, your normal ‘going-out’ routine may not be the most feasible. Why not head over to some of the city's hottest fireplace bars to keep warm and enjoy a cocktail or two? These are our top three fireplace bars in the five boroughs.


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  • How to Stylishly Wear a Tuxedo this Season

    wear a tuxedo

    Gala season is upon us. Time to get out your best penguin suit and try to look as fancy as possible. But wearing a tuxedo isn’t simple, especially since it’s supposed to be for rare and special occasions. Some might even struggle with the proper tuxedo etiquette. We have some helpful pointers for when you wear a tuxedo!

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