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  • How to measure yourself?

    How To Measure Yourself?

    Finding the perfect tuxedo for any special occasion is only part of the job. Finding the perfect size can be a bit frustrating and this is an important aspect of your suit. Hundred Dollar Suits, provides a wide range of many different sizes from 32R to 64L. However, it is important to determine your exact size to get the perfect tuxedo for the right occasion. Follow these five simple steps below to learn how to measure yourself then find the perfect tuxedo on Hundred Dollar Suits for an affordable price.


    Five Important Steps:

    1. The Collar: The first step is to measure around the base of your neck. The base of the neck is referred to where your shirt collar is worn.
    2. The Chest: The second step is to measure around the broadest part of your chest. It is important to make sure that the tape is mid-way across your shoulder blades and also, level under your arms.
    3. Sleeve Length: The third step is to measure from the base of your neck, along your shoulder and down your arm to your prefered length.
    4. Inside Leg: The fourth step is to measure from the crotch to the desired trouser length. Alternatively, you can measure an existing pair of trouser that you already have in your closet.
    5. Jacket Length: The fifth step it to place tape at top shoulder seam. Measure straight down to end of vest

    After following these five important steps, Hundred Dollar Suits will provide you with a wide range of options to look stylish for your event.

  • Steal Their Look: Celebrity Suits

    Hollywood personalities determine the latest trends and decide how the world should dress. These celebrities spearhead the direction of fashion with their style, but keeping up with current crazes can take a toll on your wallet. Thankfully, Hundred Dollar Suits provides alternatives to the overpriced celebrity suits with affordable, stylish clothing.

    Celebrity Suit Option 1: Tom Hiddleston and the timeless black suit


    Black goes with everything.  Any man, woman, child, dog, looks good in a sleek all black outfit. A good black suit works for the classiest of date nights or calmed down for a relaxed event. This particular celebrity suit is so simple and easy to make into your own.

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  • What Should A Guy Wear To A Wedding: Suit Color

    Picking Your Suit Color: What should a guy wear to a wedding?

    vinny banner logo

    Diamonds might not last forever but wedding pictures sure do. Learn what should a guy wear to a wedding and be prepared to make some memories.

    Flowers and cameras and champagne! Oh my, a wedding! Such a big day calls for something a bit more fashionable than your go to button down and a pair of jeans. How do you know what should a guy wear to a wedding? Does the season matter? What about the venue? Don’t worry, here are some inspirations so you can pick the perfect suit for every wedding.

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  • Battle Of The Pants: Flat Front vs Pleated

    Cut from the right cloth, the difference between flat front vs pleated pants

    A well-dressed gentleman knows the intricacies of fashion, everything from what to wear to a black tie event or when to ditch the tie. Style is an art but no one ever talks about the bottom half of a man’s outfit. So let’s take a moment to discuss the difference between flat front vs pleated pants and learn the best option for you.

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  • The Wedding Survival Guide

    Wedding Survival Guide: Go From Plus One to Life of The Party

    Going to a wedding can be a stressful thing, especially if you don't know many people there. You have to get a gift, wear a suit, drink (but not too much), dance, mingle, be a good date. Ok so maybe that doesn't sound too bad but there are countless nuances and unspoken rules you must understand to be the best guest you can be. Follow the wedding survival guide to ensure you abide by the unwritten laws of a wedding.


    A pink sweater can soften up a regular wardrobe, making it perfect for V-Day! A pink sweater can soften up a regular wardrobe, making it perfect for an informal wedding!


    Rule 1. RSVP And Read The Invitation

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  • Dating Rules For Men: The First Date Guide

    First Date. Simultaneously the most terrifying and exhilarating pair of words in the English dictionary. For every first date that has gone well, five have gone worse than a Malaysian Airlines flight. So I polled every girl in our office with the simple question, “what was the worst first date you’ve been on?” to create these five dating rules for men.


    Rule 1: Always Pay On A First Date

    ➢ If you take a girl out you need to pay, especially on the first date. No girl likes someone who is cheap. Keep in mind you can have affordable, fun first dates but not be cheap. A coffee date or a day in the park make for great dates but you gotta pay for them. These are dating rules for men and men pay for their dates.

    Delilah: “I went on this one date to the park, we got Waffles and Dinges and he didn’t even buy me a waffle!”

    ➢ Clearly this guy didn’t get a call back. If this guy just spent $3 more he probably would be on a second date now, instead he’s getting left on read. I asked Delilah for the guy’s number so I can send him the dating rules for men, she said no. 

    dating rules for men quote

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  • Suits for Men Online: The Reasons Why Men Should Dress Well

    Suits for men online

    The first thing you notice about a man is how he's dressed

    Every morning you wake up. You shit, shower and shave then pick your outfit for the day. Those clothes, whether you like it or not, define who you are for as long as they are on your body. Picking the right clothes inspires a man, it gives you confidence. It reminds us that no matter what the world throws our way, we still look good.

    A daily expression of one's self, style allows a gentleman to let everyone knows he means business. Buying suits for men online can seem like a daunting task, but with the growth of online shopping it's more reasonable than ever. Still not convinced on why you should buy some of the most affordable suits on the market? Let's talk about the benefits of purchasing suits for men online.

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  • Date Bars: Underdog (Financial District)

    Don't ruin the date before the first drink, pick the right date bar.

    Ask any single person and they'll tell you the location of a date matters just as much as the person themselves, it sets the tone for the entire night. The right date bar keeps the mood light, allows for easy conversation, and most importantly makes you look good. HDS has you covered with some excellent, field tested date bars.

    Underdog Drink and Meny

    Need A New Spot To Impress For Your Next Date Night?

    Welcome to Underdog, one of Financial District’s best kept secrets located at 55 Stone Street. Tucked away under The Growler (a fantastic bar in its own right); Underdog provides an intimate, Prohibition style setting to create one of the most perfect date bars.

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  • The Business Casual Suit ~ Suits 101

    outdoor business casual logo

    Dress Down Your Suit To Make It Suitable For All Occasions

    Not every occasion calls for a full suit. Don’t be that guy who goes to a cocktail party looking like he just left a job interview. A good suit should not be limited to only corporate events; sometimes a party calls for a more relaxed, business casual suit. The modern gentleman is versatile, so is his wardrobe. Sometimes you need to dress down a suit, but still look professional. Seize happy hour or a garden party by wearing the right business casual suit.

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  • The Mind Of A Gentleman And Scholar: Lavar Ball

    The Angry Youth League Dad Who Never Grew Up, Lavar Ball

    The 2017 NBA draft is full of promising talent, but all the eyes are on Lavar Ball and his son Lonzo.

    Remember that one dad who would storm the court during his son’s middle school basketball game and yell at the ref for a missed call or at the coach for benching his kid? Now imagine 6 inches taller, make him look like Steve Harvey without the mustache or likability, throw in a voice permanently stuck on loud and you have an idea of who Lavar Ball is.

    For those of you who don’t know about the Ball family let me give you a brief summary. Lonzo Ball, Lavar’s eldest son, just finished his stellar freshman year at UCLA and expects to hear his name called within the first three picks at the NBA Draft next week. While Lonzo balls Lavar talks, taking shots at Lebron James, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, and even Michael Jordan.

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