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  • Colored Shirts: A Palette of Possibilites

    So many colored shirts to choose from! So many colored shirts to choose from!

    So, you’ve worn a white shirt or a blue shirt for weeks on end and want to break the monotony? The best way to do this is a simple change of color palette by adding colored shirts. Colored shirts can make a big difference in spicing up your rack of clothes!

    Some ground rules when looking to add some color to your wardrobe:


    Avoid black.

    Yes, it can work but it’s a tricky color so it’s just best to leave that one for another day.


    Loud colors don’t always work.

    The right colored shirt can make any drab outfit look more fashionable. The right colored shirt can make any drab outfit look more fashionable.

    They might have personality but you’ll look like a pumpkin in an orange shirt or like an eggplant with a purple shirt. When in doubt, go with something more understated.


    Mind the season.

    Pastels are better suited for the spring while muted colors are good for the fall. Be sure to choose a color according to your complexion as not every color can work. Rosy people look unflattering in pink colored shirts, whereas medium toned people tend to look drab in earth tones.


    Tie Colors

    Depending on whether or not you’re wearing a tie, you don’t want it to match the color you are wearing. If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, a mono-colored tie breaks that up while not calling too much attention to it. Similarly, a single colored shirt works well with a tie with patterns.

    It's good to have a variety of colored shirts. It's good to have a variety of colored shirts.

    Suit Colors

    Most gray and navy blue suits match with any type of shirt. They look best with shirts that are only one color or have faint patterns. Darker colors go with grays, light colors go with the navy blue to set up a nice contrast.



    With these rules in mind, remember that fashion is always situational. For example, color options vary if you have a light complexion but dark hair. For that, you’ll want to have some contrast (like a navy blue suit with a lavender shirt). Reds and browns look good on people with light complexion but tend to make people with medium complexions look like they’re blending in with their clothes.

    In short, choose colors that make you look good. Be a little adventurous with your wardrobe. It’ll make you look confident, fashion-forward and help you make a lasting impression. Add some color to your life by adding color to your wardrobe!


  • 4 Fun Halloween Events in NYC

    halloween events in nyc - debate

    October brings us the best holiday of the year: Halloween. Here's the day where you can dress however you want, and eat as much candy as you like. So whether you're wearing your suit and pretending to be Donald Trump for the night, or you just want to enjoy the holiday with friends, here are four Halloween events in NYC. This way, you can have fun even if you don't like dressing up.

    1. Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

    This is one of the the biggest Halloween events in NYC. The Village Halloween Parade draws in about 50,000halloween events in nyc people (and ghouls, goblins, etc.) each year. Whether you want to dress up and march, or just enjoy the parade from the sidelines, you'll still have a great time. The parade runs up 6th avenue from spring street to 16th, so make sure you get a good spot to stand! The event goes from around 7-11 pm on Halloween night.

    2. Webster Hell

    The official Halloween Parade after-party -- Webster Hell. Taking place at Webster Hall, this Halloween event in NYC is a huge party. All four floors of the club are used, and it runs from 10 pm to 5 am. There is the traditional costume contest, and the winner gets $5,000. Motivated to make a costume? Check out our Halloween costume blog for some ideas to get started.

    3. Stranger Things Party at Lot 45

    Winona Ryder and 1980's fans alike, this is for you. You can be certain that there will be plenty of Halloween parties based off Stranger Things this year, but will they be as good as the one at Lot 45? At this Halloween event in NYC you can expect a costume content, '80's board games, waffles, and more. So head on down to Brooklyn from October 21st -23rd for some real nostalgia-inducing fun.

    4. Halloween Night Market

    halloween events in NYCThe open-night market in Queens has been around all fall, and on Halloween night it's your last
    chance to go there! With international food and vendors, this is a great way to have stress-free Halloween fun. There is a costume contest for those who want to dress up, and free performances as well.

    With these four Halloween events in NYC, you're guaranteed to find some fun. And if you're really into Halloween, you can even try going to all four of these events.

  • Pleated vs. Flat Front Pants

    Fashionable pants, both flat and pleated Fashionable pants, both flat and pleated

    The pants debate over whether to go with pleats or flat front pants has go on for the better part of the last century. Pleats were ultimately placed squarely under “unfashionable” in favor of the trendier flat front. Many of the benefits that come with pleated pants cannot be found in flat fronts.However, there are many benefits to pleated pants, some which can’t be found in flat front pants. Not only are pleats more ample and comfortable, they also look great with any suit. However, flat front pants have made many comebacks and are usually on the cutting edge of fashion in one way or another. Here are both sides to the pants debate:

    Pleated Pants

    Anatomy of pleated pants The anatomy of pleated pants

    There are people who think the pleated pants look is out of fashion and can make the wearer look frumpy and "dad-like". That isn't necessarily the case, as long as you follow these general rules of thumb:

    A relaxed look is good but you don't want the pants to look baggy. Baggy pants come off a sloppy and can make the wearer's hips look bigger, especially when they're reverse pleated (pleats face the pockets). A good fit between tight and loose is ideal.
    They should generally sit at the waist. The higher up they are, the older the wearer looks. They can be higher up for larger men or men with athletic builds, just as long as they don’t go higher than the navel.

    Cuffs are discouraged especially for shorter men. They can make the legs look stout and shorter. Cuffs can be worn by taller, slender men if their pants are made of heavier fabric. Tall men should be wary about their middle section looking sloppy. A tighter fit should prevent that unkempt look from happening. If worn with a suit, wearing pleats with a jacket diverts attention from the middle. The cost of a tailored fit might be higher but it is worth the money in the end.

    Flat Front Pants

    flat front pants The slim fit flat front pants

    Flat front pants have it easier since they come in go out of fashion. However, they can have some drawbacks as well. They draw attention to the midsection of anyone who isn’t slender, creating a really unflattering look. They can also leave little room up front and can limit mobility, especially when they come in a slim fit. Flat front pants might also look out of place in a business setting. Depending on the flat front pants, they are generally seen as business casual. Still, they can really help someone look taller and leaner, especially when cuffed on taller men. Flat front pants also have the benefit of looking very modern and tailored. However, as with pleats, a tailored fit to fix a few things does wonder to any pair of pants.
    In the end, the pants debate boils down to preference, body type and use. For the larger built man, the man in motion or the businessman, a pleated pants look can work best. The fashionable, thinner, or more casual man can rock the flat front pants look. Check your options, try different styles and see what works best for you.



  • Belts: The Unsung Wardrobe Companion

    belt03-defaultBelts are the unsung heroes of a man’s wardrobe. They’re never meant to outshine other articles of clothing like a suit or shoes, but they can definitely complement and enhance the overall look. They are meant to be understated but without one, a wardrobe can come off as incomplete. With today being National Pasta Day, it’s best to understand what type of belt best suits your needs before you need to unbuckle it.

    Material might make the difference on whether you should wear the belt or leave it at home. Material might make the difference on whether you should wear the belt or leave it at home.

    Here are some basic guidelines for choosing belts:

    • - Ideal belt length should loop around and reach the first notch once. It should be about two sizes bigger than your waist size. It’s okay if the belt is a little shorter. It will look awkward if the belt is too long.
    • - Belts with small buckles are best for informal settings. You can go bigger for casual wear.
    • - Belt color should match shoe color. Ideally, both belt and shoes should be made of the same material. Leather should always match with leather but you can get away with matching something of the same color if leather is not an option. The matching rule is more lax in casual setting but make sure it doesn’t clash from the outfit.
    • - Black leather belts go with almost anything. Even if they don’t match, they don’t really clash with anything. But do try to match whenever possible.
    • - Leather belts and some metallic finish belts are good for business settings. Cloth and woven belts tend to look out of place in a suit, so keep that for casual wear. Snake skin or ostrich skin belts can come off as tacky, so leave these kinds of belts at home.


    In the spirit of National Pasta Day (and as an added bonus), we found some great places all the paisanos go to for some amazing pasta.

    Recommended Places for Pasta:



    • - Po in the West Village is a cozy, rustic restaurant with very authentic Italian cuisine. They make their pastas the way they’re done back at Italy; with very little sauce and al dente. Their food isn’t too expensive and the service is great. Try the white bean ravioli with balsamic brown butter sauce!
    • - Rubirosa is known for superb sauces and meatballs. They also have a great selection of pizza and cocktails. It is located right in the heart of Little Italy. Mama mia!
    • - Galli has great mad calamari, with a lot of sauce and flavor. They have great appetizers during happy hour but they bring their A-Game for their penne alla vodka and their Norma, a rigatoni and eggplant dish.
    • - If you’re feeling like cooking your own pasta but don’t want store bought pasta, Savino’s Quality Pasta is the place to go. They sell pasta to restaurants for good reason; their pasta is delicious and not hard to prepare. Located in Williamsburg, it is worth the trip to buy their 


    We don’t need to be told twice about eating pasta on National Pasta Day! Hopefully these locations have something delicious to satiate the pasta cravings you’ve most likely gotten.s. Enjoy the day, eat well and loosen up your belts accordingly. Abbondanza!


  •  Dollar Shave Club/ Be Bald Be Free Day



    Today is “Be Bald and Free Day” and the best look for a bald man (or any man for that matter) is to be well groomed. Here at Hundred Dollar Suits, we recommend Dollar Shave Club for your grooming needs, whether you want to shave it all or keep a tasteful goatee to contrast with your shiny dome.

    Humble Beginnings

    Founded in July of 2011, Dollar Shave Club went live on March 6, 2012 when they posted their first video online. Accurately titled, “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”, Dollar Shave Club’s CEO Michael Dublin gives a casually sardonic speech as  to why their blades were so good. It went viral, gaining millions of views (about 4.2 million!) but more importantly, getting the word out on the company. In six hours, they were sold out of blades. Within a two day span of sharing the video, Dollar Shave Club had more than 12,000 orders. The resulting unexpected amount of traffic crashed their servers and becoming legends of marketing lore for years to come.

    Dollar Shave Club Membership Deals


    Their blades come in three different packages: The Humble Twins, The 4x and The Executive. The Humble Twins package includes two blades per razor and five razors per month at a low cost of $3. The 4x package comes with four blades and four razors for $6 and The Executive comes with six blades and four razors for $9. They also sell Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter as a shaving cream and One Wipe Charlies, wet wipes to finish off your shave. Dollar Shave Club also provides a handle for each bundle purchase.

    The handle works very well. It’s precise and is easy to use. The razors cause no irritation and last have another razor ready to go.mario_dollar_shave_club_3_2 The Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter lubricates the face enough to make the easy shave even easier. Finally, the One Wipe Charlies work well as an after shave. It’s not too strong, so it doesn’t sting, and it has a delightful peppermint scent. They're great in getting you to your confident bald, free self.


    So if you’re bald (or balding), consider being bold about it and shaving it off.  Dollar Shave Club definitely has your back with any of your shaving needs to help you be bald and be free!


  • The Top 4 Suiting Complaints

    Suiting Complaints

    Suits are like armor in a sophisticated battle. They help men conquer the world. So what happens if there is a chink in the warrior's armor? He appears less confident and powerful.

    Men need to understand what to look for when shopping for a suit so they can project themselves as best as possible. These top 4 suiting complaints will help you avoid fashion blunders and narrow down your choices. Furthermore, we selected these suiting complaints because they were the most common and troublesome.

    Suits that Don't Fit

    This may be one of the more obvious suiting complaints, but it is worth noting. Suits are typically designed for a lean, muscular build so bulky men have a hard time finding suits that fit. Beefy upper bodies stretch suit jackets in unusual ways, but the proportion between pants and jacket gets messed up if the cut is too large.

    Cheap Linings

    Suiting Complaints

    Cheap linings can feel almost like paper. That's because they're usually made of polyester, which traps body heat and does not breathe at all. Exceptionally cheap linings will make a crunchy or swooshing sound when you move around.


    Suiting Complaints

    Wrinkles plague every man at some point in their life. Some man get them because they forget how to fold and pack a suit. There are easy solutions, however, if you're stuck in a hotel room with a crumpled mess:

    1.  Just give it a day on the hanger. Rumpled fabric can correct itself--especially if it is made of wool or a wool blend.
    2. Use a handheld steamer.
    3.  Don't have a handheld steamer? No problem! Turn you bathroom into a steam room with your shower. Just make sure your suit doesn't get wet.

    This is another obvious suiting complaint, but it is very important. Make sure your suiting fabric is durable so you don't have to deal with embarrassing tears. Wool or wool-like fabrics are some of the strongest fabrics out there. They also wear very well.

  • Three Ways to Tie a Scarf


    Tie a Scarf The once around scarf.

    We're approaching the middle of the fall; the weather is cooling, and scarves are being taken out of the closet. While scarves are mostly associated with women's fashion, you can find them cropping up in men's as well. So don't be afraid to show off a scarf this fall and winter along with your suit. Whether you're heading to the office, or the bar, it's important to know how to tie one of these. So here are three simple ways to tie a scarf.

     The Once Around Scarf

    Tie a Scarf The French knot.


    The Once Around is a simple, yet classic scarf look. Much like tying a tie, you start out with the scarf draped around your shoulder, with one side longer than the other. Then, you take the longer side and toss it over the shorter side and around your neck. And voila! You've done it. This scarf style is great for cool weather.

    The French Knot Scarf

    The French Knot, or the Parisian Knot, is fairly simple way to tie a scarf. First, you fold the scarf in half, so that the ends touch. Next, take what you have folded and throw it over your shoulders. Third, take the ends of the scarf and pull the ends through the loop you've created. Finally, pull it snug. This knot is great for colder fall days, when it can get to below-freezing temperatures.

    The draped scarf. The draped scarf.

    The Draped Scarf

    The Drape is the simplest way to tie a scarf. It's really meant to be worn on warmer fall days, because it doesn't provide much warmth. Here's how to wear it: you drape the scarf around your neck so it hangs down in front of your shirt. Then, you can either tuck it under your coat, or wear it in front. That's literally it. Again, not much warmth, but it looks cool.

    From clean-shaven business men to college-aged hipsters, scarves can look good on just about anyone. So now that you know how to tie a scarf, time to go out and get one!

  • How to Get the Perfect Smile

    The Perfect Smile Ethan has an award-winning smile.

    A perfect smile is the ultimate accessory. Sure you can spruce up a suit with a fancy watch and a cool belt, but your smile is the first thing people notice about you. PR Newswire conducted a survey about first impressions, and they discovered:

    • - 37% of people notice your smile first
    • - 33% notice eyes
    • - 15% judge your weight
    • - 9% judge your hair
    • - 2% look at your nose
    The Perfect Smile Mario's pearly whites make him look professional and confident.

    Furthermore, a bad smile can hurt your love life and your professional life. For example, 77% of women think crooked teeth are worse than a receding hairline. 78% of Americans think people with bad teeth are unsuccessful. Yikes. So what can you do if you want to get the perfect smile? Braces are ugly, painful and high maintenance. Plus, who wants to relive their awkward years in adulthood?

    Invisalign is the perfect solution for people who can't afford to look unprofessional. You should look like James Bond in your suit; not a kid going to junior prom. This article will explain how Invisalign works and why you should choose it.

    How Invisalign Works

    Invisalign straightens teeth with custom-made aligners. They are made of clear plastic that fit over teeth. The aligners are also made for comfort, and they gradually move teeth into place. The movement is gentle and painless.  Unlike braces--with wires to tighten and brackets to glue--all you have to do is pop in a new set of aligners ever 2 weeks until the treatment is over. You can get the perfect smile without all the hassle.

    Why You Should Choose Invisalign
    The Perfect Smile Roman's smile is his best suit accessory.

    People love Invisalign for its comfort and convenience. You can eat whatever you want, and aligners are easy to clean. Additionally, they are comfortable, smooth and virtually invisible. Invisalign is also ideal for someone with a busy schedule because you only have to visit the doctor once every 6 weeks.

    Remember, it's never too late to get a perfect smile. Invisalign can help you get that promotion and win the girl of your dreams.

  • 7 Suiting Tips for Style and Comfort

    suiting tips - fixing tie

    Here are 7 suiting tips you should know before suiting up. While this isn't the most fun topic we've written about, it's a must-read. Why? Because these small and simple tips can prevent you from making a fashion faux pas. You don't want to ruin your suiting style with minor mistakes.

    1.Choose Gray over Black

    Gray Slim Fit SuitIf your suit is for work, or play, choose a gray suit over black. Black suits are more appropriate for weddings... and funerals.

    2. Belt and Shoes should Match

    This is a no-brainer that is sometimes forgotten. Your shoes should always be the same color as your belt -- especially when you're wearing a suit.

    3. Check your Suit Jacket Fit

    Make sure you can slide a hand in between your buttoned jacket and chest-- it should be snug, but have enough room to move. With this tip you can figure out if the jacket is too loose or too tight.

    4. Unbutton your Suit before you Sit

    Always do this! Or else you will wrinkle your suit, and potentially burst a button. dsc05202_copy

    5. Always tie a Classic Windsor

    Look, there are plenty of ways to tie a tie. But you can never go wrong with a classic Windsor knot. Unless the occasion specifically calls for something else, trust us on this.

    6. Wear Long Socks with your Suit

    One exception to this rule is if it's the summertime and you're wearing casual boat shoes. But really, you should always wear socks with a suit. This suiting tip is sometimes ignored, but we're begging you: please cover your ankles.

    7. The Suit Jacket should Cover your Zipper

    Another way to figure out if your jacket fits is by looking at the length. Your jacket should be long enough that it covers the zipper on your pants. If it's too short, you need a larger size.

    And there you have it! Seven suiting tips so you can put your best (socked) foot forward. We hope that with these suiting tips you feel confident in buying and wearing your first suit.

  • Plan Ahead: Halloween Costumes with Suits

    Patrick Bateman vs Hitman Halloween costumes with suits, Patrick Bateman vs Hitman

    October has just begun, so you know what that means: it's time for Halloween. Or, at least, it's time to start planning out your Halloween costume. If you don't feel like buying a tacky costume from the closest Halloween store, why not just wear a suit? Here's a list of Halloween costumes with suits, so you can dress up as an iconic and stylish character on the spookiest day of the year.

    1. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

    Halloween costumes with suits, patrick bateman

    Don your classiest suit to become Patrick Bateman this Halloween. Along with the suit, you'll you'll have to sport a fake ax and a clear raincoat splattered with fake blood. Want to take it a step further? Print out his business cards and hand them out to people at the Halloween party.business_card_bateman2

    2. Clark Kent aka Superman

    In lieu of Superman appearing in the next season of the CW's Supergirl, why not dress up as alter-ego Clark Kent for the day? While the movie Batman vs Superman might have been a bust, that doesn't mean Superman himself is. You'll need a Superman shirt to wear under your suit, and a pair of Clark Kent's cool glasses.

    3. One of the Men in Black

    Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since this movie came out. But, it's a classic, so you can certainly still dress up as one of the men in black this Halloween. Black suit, black tie, black sunglasses-- you're all set.

    Halloween costumes with suits, hitman

    4. Agent 47 from Hitman

    This one's for all you video game fans out there. You can dress up easily as Agent 47 from the Hitman stealth video game series. All you need is a black suit, red tie, and hair-free head. Oh, a prop gun might be useful as well... you are a hitman after all.

    5. Pee-wee Herman

    If you have an eccentric sense of humor, Pee-wee Herman might be the perfect costume for you. And in this case, you get to wear a red bow tie! A gray suit and some white shoes and socks will complete the look.

    Hopefully we've given you a few ideas about how to incorporate your suit into your Halloween costume this year. While there are more Halloween costumes with suits that can be thought of, such as Don Draper, we felt that these were the best of the best; not to mention the most recognizable.

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