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  • When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them


    When it comes to men's formal dressing, it is the subtle little things that make huge differences and beware: they shouldn't be neglected at any cost. I am not talking about ties here as many may have thought. My topic of interest here is even smaller things like shoes and socks.

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  • 6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget part three

    6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget part three

    There are 3 main reasons that hinder you from dressing the way you want. First, you simply don’t have the budget and you can not afford nice clothes you want. Second, you live in a place where you just don’t have access to nice things, and third, you just lack the knowledge and you have no clue what actually looks good on you and what makes you stand out and what is advantageous for your job and the way you want to be perceived. Continue reading

  • Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

    Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

    We are not exaggerating when we say that Bradley Cooper wore the best and coolest brown suit this year to the red carpet. The American actor and filmmaker were seen to be wearing one of his best attires and we totally love it.

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  • Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part two

    Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part two

    You can now use these tricks to always look good and to always be prepared: Continue reading

  • Top mistakes that ruin your morning

    Basic Mistakes Men Make

    Previously men's fashion was not something that was discussed as commonly as it is done today. I’m not saying there were no rules in men's dressing, there were. But, there was hardly any right guide for men to correct their mistakes. The fashion industry over the past few years has encouraged men a lot and has made it rather easier for men to choose from a wide variety or range of different clothing.

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  • How to dress your age, age-appropriate clothes for men

    How to dress your age, age-appropriate clothes for men

    Probably you’ve seen the guy who is in his 50s, wearing clothes that his teenage son wears, on the other hand, you may have seen a teenager who is decked with a fedora hat in a three-piece suit, and it just looks odd. So why is it important to dress your age? Well, the saying that you are really only as old as you feel doesn’t hold when it comes to appearance. Of course, every once in a while you will find people with a very developed style and it is really unique to them and they maintain it throughout their life. In that case, you just dress the way you are and express yourself. For all others, it pays to have certain guidelines based on the age group you are in, of course, there is always a way to break the rules, but I believe that you have to master all the rules first before you can break them stylishly.

    How to dress your age: Under the age of 20

    In this age group most people are extremely casual and sometimes they are even outright sloppy, so if you want to be dressed better than your friends, you really don’t have to do much to stand out from the crowd. The basic idea for this age group is casual layering. You can go without a jacket and without a tie. Of course, if you feel like you want to dress up and you want to have a dressier combination, feel free to wear it, but it shouldn’t be your everyday outfit.

    How to dress your age: Mid 40s-65

    In this age, you should go with more muted colors rather than bold brighter colors, because now that you are older you should dress properly to your age, of course, you are not old yet, but you shouldn’t dress the same way as a guy that has for example 25 years. You should go with different textures and especially subtle patterns.

  • How To Style Loafers

    Shoes You Can and Cannot Wear n a Suit

    As the time and workplaces are gradually becoming flexible, you are gaining chances of ruining your amazing suit with the wrong kind of footwear. With multiple choices, come more disastrous decisions.

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  • David Bowie An Inspiration For Music and Fashion

    David Bowie was a man of many arts.

    When a person is just so creative that sometimes it is hard for him to remain in just one mould this was exactly the case of David Bowie. He changed his music genre many times over the course of his time and left us with hit songs from every era. Bowie is known to tell stories through his music and he went full in. He created stories and characters that are still unforgettable. Just like David Bowie’s music career is full of variations his dressing was the second thing that he kept on changing. He experimented in the times where acceptance of things that weren’t traditional was yet to become normal among people. Everyone knows what I am talking about, his famous Ziggy stardust character which made people of that time wonder about his sexual orientation. Continue reading

  • Outfits you can Match with your Kids

    Stripes up your wardrobe this Season

    There is a lot in common between stripes and bold people, they both blend in with anything or anyone. Stripes fashion is and always will stay iconic because it has continued to not go out of style ever since it was discovered. It would be considered pretty relevant if anyone wants to fill their entire wardrobe with striped clothes!

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  • 6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget part two

    6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget part two

    The good thing about vintage stores is you can buy really nice and good quality things and clothes, but also you don’t have to spend too much money on that. Anybody can create a timeless outfit for under a 100 dollars if they have the knowledge and the persistence to invest the time that it takes to find what they need. Continue reading

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