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  • The Business Casual Suit ~ Suits 101

    The Business Casual Suit ~ Suits 101

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    Dress Down Your Suit To Make It Suitable For All Occasions

    Not every occasion calls for a full suit. Don’t be that guy who goes to a cocktail party looking like he just left a job interview. A good suit should not be limited to only corporate events; sometimes a party calls for a more relaxed, business casual suit. The modern gentleman is versatile, so is his wardrobe. Sometimes you need to dress down a suit, but still look professional. Seize happy hour or a garden party by wearing the right business casual suit.

    Business Casual Suit = No TieIMG_0881

    First things first, ditch the tie. Leave the neck-wear at home to immediately create a more relaxed look. Whether it’s a cocktail party or casual work event, losing the tie transforms a suit into a casual outfit. Keep the shirt tucked and the jacket on, just loosen up a bit. No one's ever said "Hey, look how relaxed that guy in the tie looks!". 

    Show Some Skin

    After the tie is off, unbutton the shirt a bit too! Don’t get crazy here,  undoing the first few buttons makes the entire outfit appear more casual and less stuffy. For the summer, try no show socks with pants that end at the ankle for an extra trendy, yet casual, look.

    Try A Pair Of New ShoesM20325_01_standard[1]

    Welcome to the dawn of the comfortable dress shoes. Shoes, from boots to loafers, add a personal touch and be a little more bold with your look. The fashion world recently embraced sneakers as a stylish footwear trend, wear a clean pair of white Stan Smith Adidas or Classic Converse to complete the business casual suit. However, sneakers can be too unprofessional depending on the event so be aware of the appropriate attire.


    ultra_slim_white_1button[1]Experiment With Fun Patterns and Cool Colors

    Casual events give you a chance to show some creativity. Instead of stiff, plain colors experiment with printed or floral patterns that would be shunned in a law firm. Thankfully this isn’t an office. Fun designs help replace the formality of neck-wear or a tie while providing a chance to get more bold with your style.

    For a summer time business casual suit try some light colors. The white suit, pictured right, is a great option for outdoor events when the weather gets hot. If you're feeling particularly flashy, check out this Royal Blue Chalk Stripe suit Stay cool, stay seasonal.

    Make Sure It Fits

    Finally as with any other suit, make sure it fits. All professional outfits, casual or not, require everything fitting correctly. Do not make the mistake of associating relaxed with baggy. No one wants to look unprofessional, get your suit tailored.


    Do you have advice on how to wear a business casual suit? Be sure to share your secrets in the comment section below.

  • The Mind Of A Gentleman And Scholar: Lavar Ball

    The Angry Youth League Dad Who Never Grew Up, Lavar Ball

    The 2017 NBA draft is full of promising talent, but all the eyes are on Lavar Ball and his son Lonzo.


    Remember that one dad who would storm the court during his son’s middle school basketball game and yell at the ref for a missed call or at the coach for benching his kid? Now imagine 6 inches taller, make him look like Steve Harvey without the mustache or likability, throw in a voice permanently stuck on loud and you have an idea of who Lavar Ball is.

    For those of you who don’t know about the Ball family let me give you a brief summary. Lonzo Ball, Lavar’s eldest son, just finished his stellar freshman year at UCLA and expects to hear his name called within the first three picks at the NBA Draft next week. While Lonzo balls Lavar talks, taking shots at Lebron James, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, and even Michael Jordan.

    Mar 4, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lavar Ball, father of UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball (2), looks on in the stands before the game between the UCLA Bruins and the Washington State Cougars at Pauley Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

    Delusion and overconfidence I am fine with, my issue with Lavar stems from how his actions blatantly hinder his sons. He forced all three of his sons to commit to UCLA so that they will be close to him, the youngest had to do so at 14 without having any opinion on the matter. Or when he licensed their names to form a lifestyle brand (that sells ugly overpriced sneakers). Or when he said his eldest son won’t play for any team except the Lakers.

    Every Lavar Ball article I read reminds me of the ex Oakland Raider, Todd Marinovich. From the day he was born, Todd’s father raised him to become the greatest quarterback of all time. He attended the college football powerhouse USC in 1989 and the “Robo Quarterback” became the biggest name in sports. After two seasons he declared for the NFL draft, where the Raiders selected him in the first round. He retired after two years in the NFL and has since battled addiction to methamphetamine. The tragedy came to an end in 2016 following an arrest where Marinovich broke into a home, naked and high on meth.

    The amount of pressure and attention placed on the young Ball kids will be their destruction. Lavar will run them to the death just so he can sell some shoes and get to yell on ESPN, at the expense of his kids’ lives.


    r208950_1600x800cc[1] PHOTOGRAPH BY MARCUS SMITH-ESPN
    I want to see Demarcus Cousins knock Lonzo into the third row just as much as anyone else, but the kid did nothing wrong. He just wants to play basketball and he’s damn good at it, I hate Lavar Ball. LaMelo, the youngest of the ball brothers, can’t even drive a car yet but the world wants him to fail because of his father.

    With the 2017 NBA Draft approaching, those kids have a 6’6 bullseye on their back, a searing spotlight, and the typical teen angst that comes with being a teenager. I want the kids to succeed, just without Lavar. Until Lavar Ball let’s his sons decide their own life, I will enjoy watching Steph Curry scoring 40 on Lonzo.

  • How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

    How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets


    One of the biggest charms of living in New York City is all the art that surrounds you. That being said in my first four years I went to see maybe two Broadway Shows. Then I learned a few tricks and secrets to see professional shows without going broke. With the magic of these four tips, you too can learn how to get cheap Broadway tickets. There are countless ways to see a good show without having to rob a gas station or sell a kidney.


    Broadway Ticket Lottery

    If you’ve been in New York for more than a month than odds are that you have heard of the infamous ticket lottery. It is basically exactly what it sounds like, you put your name in and hope it gets picked. Large productions such as Hamilton offer lottery tickets for cheap, like $10 cheap, to give everyone a chance to see it. You can sign up either online or in-person for the show you want and keep your fingers crossed the theatre gods draw your name. Everyone has the same odds to win, but persistence pays off. With a little luck you can get unbelievably cheap Broadway tickets.


    TKTS Booth

    TDF has been a staple of performing arts in New York for almost 50 years, but it is more than contentimage31[1]just a membership organization. You know those long lines roped off by the red stairs in Times Square that you assumed was for some tourist bus tour or something? Well that’s actually a TKTS booth. TKTS Booth sells same day or next day tickets to Broadway shows for half-off. The only catch is that you have to be willing to wait in line. Check out tdf.org to learn more about the Theatre Development Fund.

    Become A Member

    TDF membership is one of the best kept secrets in New York. Eligibility for TDF is extremely welcoming and requires an annual fee of $34. This gives you the chance to buy discounted tickets weeks in advance. Signing up for some of the popular theatre companies membership programs also offers a bunch of cool advantages. In addition to a discount, members get first chance to purchase cheap Broadway tickets before the general public.

    Apps & Online

    The age of the internet has ushered in numerous ways to get discounted tickets to high quality productions. TodayTix gives you a chance to purchase seats to your favorite shows up to a week in advance. This app provides service to other big markets such as Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and even London. The downside to this app is that you don’t exactly know which seats you will get and not every show is offered. Other websites such as BroadwayBox, Broadway Insider, and Entertainment-Insider all offer discount codes to a multitude of shows. A little effort of comparing offers you can find some great deals!


    Websites We Like For Cheap Broadway Tickets

    Take a look at these websites to find the best deal. Here that worked for us in the past.




    today-tix-red-fade[1]http://www.givenik.com/ (this one gives 5% of the sale to charity so double ✔✔)





    Need a new suit or blazer after scoring some discount Broadway tickets? Check out our selection of stylish outfits before your night out.


    Any advice on how to get cheap Broadway tickets? Let us know what we missed or what works for you in the comment section below!

  • Waterproof Work Shoes: Professional Shoes That Won’t Leave You With Wet Socks

    Waterproof Work Shoes: Suits 101

    Rain shoesProfessional Rain Boots That Won’t Leave You With Wet Socks

    We’ve all been there. One day your alarm goes off, you are getting ready for work, and all you hear is the sound of pouring rain. You don’t want to ruin your dress shoes by getting them soaked. So next time instead of wearing plastic bags on your feet, consider investing in some rainy day safe alternatives like these office appropriate waterproof work shoes.

    Sneaker Rain Boots

    A simple, but still stylish alternative to rain typical rain boots. Sneaker rain boots end above the ankle and offer coverage from the weather. Some classics, such as Converse, feature waterproof options that fit a more casual work environment. Hunter and Frye also make these rain boot wannabe sneakers.


    Converse Waterproof Canvas $70 Converse Waterproof Canvas $70
    Frye Ryan Lug Hiker $258

    Cordovan Leather: The Ultimate Waterproof Work Shoes

    Cordovan” refers to a particular type of leather used in the making of the shoe. This leather is actually made from horsehide and generally provide excellent protection from the rain. These shoes are sleek, stylish and not surprisingly the most expensive. Look for these shoes with a Dainite sole for an elegant solution to all of your water worries.


    Military Style Boots

    Multiple brands sell boots that are not only stylish but completely waterproof. Hunter (left) and Timberland (right) offer work friendly options to keep your feet dry on the way to the office. This style became more popular recently and come in multiple variations to fit your personal brand.

    Duck Boots

    The most classic option. Odds are your father and his father have owned a pair of duck shoes at one point in their lives. A little less office appropriate but a lot more protection. These boots will keep your socks dry from anything Mother Nature has to throw at you and definitely look nicer than plastic bags on your shoes.

    Slip on Galoshes

    Want to wear your favorite work shoes even when it rains? Try slip on Galoshes. They cover your dress shoes to provide a waterproof cover. Galoshes can be easily taken on and off to provide flexibility. The extra layer also helps keep your feet warm throughout the winter. Extra Bonus: you can find a nice pair for under $25 on Amazon!

    If Your Dress Shoes Do Get Wet

    If the disastrous event that your nice shoes get soaked, don’t worry. You can save them. First, let them dry for 24 hours without wearing them. Make sure they dry naturally, putting them by the boiler or using a hair dryer will cause the leather to buckle. Also use a shoe tree to ensure that the shoe dries the right way. In case of emergency stuff newspaper inside to absorb the moisture.

    Have any tricks to beat the rainy days or a favorite pair of office appropriate waterproof work shoes? Please comment and share your best advice on how to stay dry professionally.

  • The Ducks and Gamecocks Make March Madness History

    TRELLO (1)March Madness has proved to be a month of upsets and Cinderella stories, as the tournament moves into the Final Four. The women’s bracket will continue as expected. While the brilliant 110-0 UConn women’s team has been outplaying every team they have come across for years now; the men’s bracket is filled with uncertainty. For the first time in program history the seventh seeded South Carolina Gamecocks have reached the Final Four. In addition, the Oregon Ducks defeated a Kentucky roster, that overflowed with talent and promise, to travel deeper into the bracket than they have since 1939.

    The Duck's Run

    The women Ducks deserve as much credit and attention as their male counterparts. As the tenth seeded team, they have followed up every upset with another to reach the Elite 8. Today their shocking and historic run has ended with a loss to the constantly perfect Huskies. With 2622766783_aba0f176d3_bthat loss, Oregon has diverted its attention to the men’s squad. Next, they will face off against the top seeded and five time champion, the North Carolina Tar Heels. This Saturday, the Ducks,
    who have proved themselves to be the
    underdog story of the month, will play North Carolina, a team who have their sights set on the trophy that was stolen from them in last year’s stunning conclusion.

    South Carolina's Impressive Trip

    Before the Ducks go up against the Tar Heels; South Carolina will try to continue their South_Carolina_Gamecocks_Block_C_logo.svgimprobable run to the finals by defeating Gonzaga. The Gamecocks have previously beaten a slew of highly seeded teams. They toppled the second seeded Duke Blue Devils, the third seeded Baylor Bears and the fourth seeded Florida Gators thanks to the excellence with which their guard Sindarius Thornwell has played.

    For two teams, this month has been so historic that while losing this late in the bracket would be disappointing, the depth of South Carolina and Oregon’s respective runs is an achievement in itself. This weekend will determine if the grit of these two underdogs is enough to topple the experience and poise of the Tar Heels and the Bulldogs.

  • Avoiding Crowds During St. Patrick's Day

    Irish pubs and St. Patrick’s Day go together like leprechauns and pots of gold. However, it’s also one of the biggest drinking days of the year so expect crowds wherever you go. However, we have a few suggestions of places to go to avoid the crowds while also enjoying your St. Paddy’s Day.

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  • I'm Dreaming of a Green St. Patrick's Day!

    St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday but you can still figure out your green outfit now. But what if you don’t want to be decked out in a green suit or wear a tacky green hat? HDS has figured out some good accessories to wear while still staying in the holiday spirit.

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  • How to Dress Big and Tall: A Guide For the Bigger Man

    Bigger gentlemen have it tough finding clothes. Often times, clothes will draw attention to just how big they look. Other times, men try to drape themselves in looser fitting clothes to hide their physique. Here are some pointers when buying shirts for the more ample gentlemen:

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  • 5 Essential Tips For Getting Your Suit Tailored

    Getting your suit tailored is the best thing you could do for your wardrobe. A tailored suit should look better on you, should feel more comfortable and if done correctly, should make you feel more confident. However, getting your suit tailored is more than just bringing it to a tailor and hoping for the best. HDS walks you through how to get the best out of your tailoring so that your suit looks crisp and fresh!

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  • Sock It To Them: How To Wear The Right Socks For You

    Socks are often the most overlooked piece of our wardrobe because they are often hidden under our pants and shoes. They shouldn't even see the light of day if you're wearing them right. However, if we don’t pay attention to the types of socks we wear, they can become weak links in our ensemble and bring down the look of everything. We’ve got you covered (up to the calf) with some tips on how to integrate better integrate these unsung heroes into.

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