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Best Modern Day Blazers

Nowadays, blazers are great accessories made for fashion forward men. Browse bold yet stylish blazers at Hundred Dollar Suits online now.

A Blazing Trend

Blazers at Hundred Dollar Suits are designed for the daring and stylish looking to move their fashion game forward. You know it’s going to be a good day when you walk out the door with a good blazer on your shoulder. Blazers are like super hero capes - giving you the confidence boost you need to set the day on a positive note.

Top Trendy Blazers

An easy way to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends is to add an accessory to your ensemble. When it comes to accessorizing for men, there are limited options but the best way is to add a blazer to the whole look. Knowing which blazer to choose also counts in figuring out how you want to look for the occasion.


Everyday Essential Blazer:

  • Solid Black

  • Gray to Charcoal

  • Brown to Beige


Special Events Blazer:

  • Abstract to floral patterns

  • Shimmering silvers

  • Plush velvets

Know Your Blazer

Blazers have a different function compared to suit jackets and are purposely made to have a less constructed structure. A hybrid of sorts, you can wear your blazer to both formal and casual events. Blazers also offer ample space for movement making it the more popular choice for young gentlemen who prefer a less strict look. Hundred Dollar Suits offer the usual variety of fit and sizing ranging from Regular, Long to Short with Ultra Slim Fit being the most sought for.

Best Blazer Designs

Our blazers are made with high quality fabric to make sure that you feel comfortable all the time. The different lapels also make an impact when you browse for the perfect blazer. Notch lapels are commonly seen in casual settings whereas peak lapels can be worn in both casual and formal events. Shawl lapels on the other hand give the blazer design a complete formal look while proving to be sleek and contemporary. Our blazer designs are also made complete with front pockets and a chest pocket.