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Popular Marquis Ties

Marquis ties are often the choice for men who prefer their ties to have a versatile tone to it in color, material and pattern. Easy to wear for any event and occasion, Marquis ties bring the best style everywhere. Most of the best Marquis ties are the slim width ties made popular for both young and old. Slim ties are often chosen because of the sleek appearance. The Marquis ties also works best with the standard one button and two button suit.

Styling Marquis Ties

Let’s have a look at some of the most essential styling tips when it comes to styling Marquis ties for your everyday outfit. At Hundred Dollar Suits, we like to give out easy tips to go so you know why you should get your hands on our products. Marquis ties are easily worn to spice up your 9-5 routine.

  • Stripe Dress Shirt with Stripe Tie - Match small stripes with big stripes and vice versa.
  • Blue Dress Shirt with Brown Tie - Brings that corporate blue color back to life.
  • Pattern Dress Shirt with Gray Tie - Gray makes a great foreground feature for any patterned dress shirt.
  • Pink Dress Shirt with Blue or Pattern Tie - Let’s face it, men can wear pink and pairing it with a blue to navy tie gives it a sense of suave style. A patterned tie makes the outfit more bold.
  • Chambray Dress Shirt with Polka Dot Tie - This is a very earthy humble combination that’s great for a casual day or freestyle outfit day at work.

Quality Marquis Ties

At Hundred Dollar Suits, our Marquis ties are made of high quality fabric just like our suits. We combine fashion and quality all in one. With Marquis ties, you can have amazing colors and patterns that makes your outfit pop. You’ll appear dapper at all times while still having your own distinct personality. Time to add a little more flair to your suits with Marquis ties. Buy yours online now!