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Unbeatable Mens Ties Range

Hundred Dollar Suits has all that you need to complete your suit style. With mens ties being an essential accessory, the collection available online gives you enough variety to choose from. For the corporate men, choose solid neutral colors to easily match with classic suits or ties with minimal patterns such as vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. When it comes to the young and upbeat younger generation, there’s no reason for you to appear boring or dull. Our men’s ties also come in vibrant yet easy to pull off colors as well as patterned variations.

Essential Mens Ties Styling

Young or old, traditional or modern, every man needs a style guide when it comes to pulling off the perfect suit look. Look no further than the Hundred Dollar Suits quick tips bringing you essential guidelines about mens ties to save you from a fashion mishap.

1. Solid Color Ties

  • For corporate settings - Dark and deep shades or red for a boost of confidence.
  • For semi formal - Solid pastel colors that will brighten your appearance.
  • For fun casual - Bright colors with a vibrant hue.

2. Polka Dot/Stripe Ties 

  • For corporate settings - Avoid polka dots unless it’s a normal day at the office. For more serious important meetings go with stripes.
  • For semi formal - Both polka dots and stripes can work well for semi formal days.
  • For fun casual - Polka dots are typically more fun. Just avoid clashing colors so you don’t go overboard.

3, Miscellaneous Patterned Ties  

  • For corporate settings - Any vintage patterns with muted neutral colors will work. Avoid novelty or paisley patterns.
  • For semi formal - Paisley patterns are okay here but make sure they aren’t too bold. Downplay with small to medium sizes paisley’s.
  • For fun casual - Novelty ties are fun but only for super casual or themes occasions. Other than that you’re better off appearing fun yet stylish with vintage patterns in brighter colors.

Stylish Mens Ties Online

Being able to style a suit with the best mens ties available is now easy and hassle free with Hundred Dollar Suits. From patterns to solid colors, every tie is stylish with a personality of its own. Show off your suit and tie combo confidently by following our quick tips above. There’s no stopping you from stepping out for the day in a sleek appearance. Always have a good tie in your wardrobe because mens ties are the centerpiece of your suit. Grab one or two of your own best ties online now.