White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin

White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin




Product Description: White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin

White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin

This White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin is the perfect way to show that you are a person of elegance who appreciates the small pleasures that life has to offer. "Stop and smell the roses" will become a literal saying in this case. This beautiful White Fabric flower lapel pin will go great with a black suit and white shirt. It will catch the attention of anyone who sees you but not be overpowering in it's beauty. 


Quality Materials

  • This White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin is made from a White Fabric that wont tear easily
  • The Pin is made from an alloy that won't bend or break

Beautiful Design

  • The White Fabric is molded in the shape of a white rose
  • The alloy is polished to give it a nice shine
  • The white fabric flower is handmade

White Fabric Flower Lapel Pins best suited for...

Formal occasions where you need to portray yourself as a gentleman and someone who has an endearing side while also making sure that you look your best for the evening. The White Fabric Flower Lapel pin helps you achieve all this and more with it's artistic look and spectacularly flawless design. The handmade white flower shows amazing craftsmanship and lends the lapel pin a certain elegance that is absent from mass-produced accessories.

White Fabric Flower Lapel Pin makes for a great conversation starter and makes you seem more easily approachable. It elevates your status and sets you apart from the general populace even though it is a quite small accessory. The White Fabric Flower lapel pin is a perfect accessory as both guest and host, especially at Dinner parties.


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