Marquis Trimmed Dress Shirts

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Trimmed Dress Shirts for every occasion

Do you want a casual yet smart looking shirt? Do you want to look smart and put together and comfortable at the same time? The trimmed dress shirts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe! The trimmed collars and cuff add a unique touch to these shirts and are perfect for casual wear as well as for special occasions.

A great range of trimmed dress shirts

The trimmed dress shirts come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Each combination of color and pattern is unique and the patterns are matched perfectly to the contrasting color of each shirt. These trimmed dress shirts would also be suitable for work and would add some fun to your outfit. This wouldn’t be your first thought, but this Salmon colored trimmed dress shirt would be perfect paired with a dark suit for work. This violet trimmed dress shirt would be a great choice for attending rooftop parties in the summer or for casual drinks and dinner with friends. You can pair it tucked in with a pair of black trousers or casually with dark denim and brown shoes. If you’re attending a black tie event in the evening, why not try this burgundy trimmed dress shirt with your suit instead of the classic white shirt? You would look dashing and dapper, it would make you the talk of the party.

High quality trimmed dress shirts

The trimmed dress shirts are made of cotton-polyester blend and will ensure that you are comfortable no matter the time of the day or season. The trimmed dress shirt’s slim fit will fit your body perfectly and make you look the best version of yourself. The trimmed dress shirts are also low maintenance as they are machine washable.


When you purchase the trimmed dress shirts, you are making a decision to look your best at any given time without compromising comfort. These shirts are trendy without trying too hard and will give you an effortlessly put together look. Like everything else at hundred dollar suits, you are getting your hands on a designer quality garment without the hefty price tag. The trimmed dress shirts are an investment as you’ll be able to repurpose it in so many ways. As if this weren’t enough reasons, the trimmed dress shirts are now on a reduced price! Be sure to not miss out on this great deal.