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Wear dress shirts whenever and wherever for the perfect look. Buy top notch quality dress shirts made for the dapper man today.

Instant Outfit Refresh

Dress shirts are just about the perfect must have item in your closet. You can dress it up for a formal occasion or dress it down for a casual date night. Wearing dress shirts can give your look a total makeover. Shake things up when you exchange the usual collared shirt with a dress shirt and you will be the one to make a lasting impression.

Dress Shirts Styling

Hundred Dollar Suits offers an extensive collection of dress shirts to cater to every preference. If you already have a style in mind but don’t actually know which dress shirt is right for you, then simply follow our guide. Feel free to mix and match if you need one from every style.


Laid back & Smart:

  • Classic Black to White

  • Cool Silver to Charcoal

  • Neutral Brown to Sand


Charismatic & Modern:

  • Versatile Blue to Violet

  • Trendy Pink to Dusty Rose

  • Subtle Wintergreen to Apricot


Daring & One of A Kind:

  • Pop Up Salmon to Emerald

  • Stand Out Fuchsia to Magenta

  • Suave Red to Burgundy


Dress Shirts Fit & Size

Dress shirt sizes are available for all sizes. Whether you are small, average or extra large, there are dress shirts for you to choose from. The fitting of your dress shirt adds an extra flair to your outfit. If it fits just nice, you will have the perfect look to go with so choose from a regular fit or slim fit. Slim fit dress shirts are usually popular among men who prefer form fitting outfits whereas regular dress shirts are a men’s clothing standard. Choose the fit that you are most comfortable with to look and feel your best.

The Ultimate Collection

Our collection of dress shirts makes it the best to browse and shop from. You may think you need just one but after a while, the quality, comfort and variety of our dress shirts will have you coming back for more. The dress shirts are made of easy care fabric so it’s now easier than ever to maintain your dress shirts. Well made with single needle tailoring, our collection of dress shirts have a smooth finish and is comfortable to the skin. You can also have a basic variation of dress shirts by choosing a banded collar style.