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Must Have Marquis Bow Ties

In order to step out looking sharp to that black tie formal event, you are going to want a quality made bow tie with a distinct color. Our superb collection of Marquis bow ties are freestyle ties also known as the most acceptable bow tie type for formal events. Freestyle means self-tie bow ties that are the most classic and organic looking. Never settle for a clip-on bow tie unless you are a child. Besides, people can tell on the spot if you are wearing one so go the extra mile and get yourself a self-tie type.

Styling Bow Ties

Hundred Dollar Suits brings a complete collection of bow ties for your formal black tie event. We also have a quick guide to make things easier for you to style them with your tuxedo especially if you’re new to bow ties or just need a memory refresh.

1.What’s the event?

  • Black Tie - Use a Black bow tie & pair with crisp white dress shirt only.
  • White Tie - Use a White bow tie & only pair with white dress shirt even if the bow tie is white.
  • Informal Party - Have fun with patterned or colored bow ties but pair with outfit tones either warm or cool tones.

2. What about bow tie shapes?

  • Butterfly/Batwing - Most common & standard shapes to wear. Versatile and stylish.
  • Jumbo Butterfly - Considered a novelty style in bow ties. Only use if you are daring & matches the occasion.
  • Diamond Point - Unique & dashing style but can be hard for beginner bow tie users to tie on their own.

3. What colors to consider?

  • White or Black Dress Shirt - Any bow tie color works as long as it complements the jacket color.
  • Light & Pastel Dress Shirt - Pair with Red, Navy or Silver Bow Ties
  • Dark & Patterned Dress Shirt - Pair with Neutral Bow Ties like Champagne, Ivory or Silver

Best Bow Ties Online

At Hundred Dollar Suits, we have an existing collection of bow ties that can take you anywhere from formal to daily gentlemen casual. It is just a matter of how you intend to pull it off. Just follow our simple style guide above and stick to the basics. When you’re feeling a little bit more confident, simply add another color to your existing collection of bow ties. For the ones new to bow ties, the classic Black & White bow ties are the top must haves so add that to your cart first.