About The 44r Suit Size

Get a quick check of your measurements to know if the 44r suit size is right for you. Our handy guide below is all you need.

  • Body build: Slim or Broad Shoulders
  • Waist: 38 inches
  • Height: 5’8” to 5’11”

Go one size up especially if you are in between sizes. Always allow and expect minor post purchase alterations.

Wearing The 44r Suit Size

When you’re slim but have broad shoulders, it can be challenging to find the right suit size. Especially in the event where you need a quick new suit as soon as possible and there’s no suit in sight with your size tag on it. Right here at Hundred Dollar Suits is where you can find the 44r suit size that is perfect for you and is made readily available online ready to purchase. The number 44 in 44r Suit Size is the measurement of your chest and the R stands for Regular, referring to the length of the suit jacket.

Choosing 44r Suit Size & Fits

Choose your favourite 44r suit size and fit from Slim, Regular or Modern fit according to your preference. The slim fit is ultimately a favourite for lanky and slim silhouettes. Regular Fit is for the average man with an average build looking for a non-fitting suit. Modern Fit suits on the other hand are a hybrid of sorts. A cross between slim and regular suit fittings that are a favourite for those who love the form fitting silhouette of a slim fit suit with the space of a regular suit, the Modern fit is what you’re looking for.

Shop 44r Suit Size Today

Browse only from the best variety of 44r suit size menswear collection online at Hundred Dollar Suits where quality meets affordable pricing. No more breaking the bank for a high quality suit that goes with a fashion forward design for added style. Comfort is also a key factor and with that all suits are made with breathable and smooth fabric for your convenience. Shop your favorite 44r suit size online now.