34 Regular Suit Size

Welcome to Hundred Dollar Suits’ 34 R collection. Suits that are available in Regular length (R) are for men whose height falls within the 5’7 to 5’11 range, more information can be found on our “What’s My Suit Size Page.” At Hundred Dollar Suits we strive to make every gentleman feel as great as he looks in our suits, so we have compiled every fit available in 34R for you. This size catalog encompasses all of our fits, including ultra slim fit, slim fit and modern fit to adhere to all body types within the 34R size.

All of our Regular Fit Suits have a traditional cut and a more loose feel around the body than our ultra slim fit and modern fit collections. Regular fit suits are the most commonly worn suits among men for their comfortability and their elegance. Compared to our other styles, the regular fit will hug your body less without creating a baggy appearance, but will still straighten your silhouette.

Our Ultra Slim Fit Suits will lie closer to your body through featuring less fabric around the arms, torso and waist all the while ensuring free movement through our non restrictive fits. All of our Ultra Slim Fit Suits come with a versatile notch lapel which will stand out in formal and casual occasions, and flat front pants to make your silhouette smooth and straight.

The Modern Fit Suits in our collection, will never feel restrictive or have a boxy appearance. Instead they are carefully designed to have the Modern feel of a Slim Fit and all the while calling upon classic styles.

The Notch Lapel is found on the majority of our suits at Hundred Dollar Suits. This style is the modern day lapel standard for its versatility as you will see it on sports jackets at your favorite bar and at the workplace. The notch lapel is characterized by a break in the fabric or a “notch” where the jacket meets the collar.

The Peak Lapel is less commonly found than the notch lapel due to its being restricted to formal wear. This lapel suffers in versatility, which in turn affects the modernity of the style, but shines through its boldness and professionalism. The style is defined by the directionality of the lapel edges as they point up towards the shoulder, a preference that was more commonly seen on formal jackets.

On most of the suits you will find on Hundred Dollar Suits, the interior will be french faced. When you see that one of our suits has a French faced interior, it simply means that the same high quality fabric that stretches over the lapel, extends to the interior of the suit. The interior of our Hundred Dollar Suits feature a flex fit material that creates a stretch armhole for your comfort.